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All set to take on the new world

Content with the final results of the tumultuous last few months, the HT Horizons campus journalists thank people for their support and advice that mattered most in their journey. Leaving behind their schooldays, all of them are ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead

education Updated: Jul 21, 2010 09:22 IST

Vanshika Lady Sri Ram College for Women

Back from Bangalore where I had an amazing time, I happened to check my inbox. I was happy to get a response for my article with some people actually asking for advice.

Well, I just have one advice and that is to find your own advice. I remember a wise teacher saying one day that — ‘This generation doesn’t like advice’ and since then I actually have been thinking why it’s so.

Let me explain with the simplest possible example. Now that the admission procedure is over; I can say that I came across so many people giving advice. I don’t condemn all but the very fact that I got some without asking was unacceptable and rejected with gratitude and diplomacy with a pleasing smile. After all, the person concerned must not have had a past grudge against me and why on earth would he or she want anything bad for me?

What I have finally concluded after the entire running around for three months is that there’s always a larger perspective awaiting us rather than a mere short-term goal. Honestly, these three months have given me more than a wonderful college and a wonderful course. I have learnt how to deal with people, competition and most importantly my own self. The ECA trials were a major platform to improve on debating and understand that it’s time to wave goodbye to the conventional style of argument. I came across the best speakers of this country and step by step learnt to improve. These three months shot my misunderstandings down.

As I used to go inside a room full of speakers thinking I have been the head girl of my school, I used to witness 10 more alikes. It was then that my school corridors had also taught me to ‘never give up’ that came in use. I am certainly excited about college to start and a whole new world to be seen.

With that I am happy to also see is a new side of me which has no ego but just the right amount of self- belief.

Here’s wishing all of us, all the luck for a new beginning.

Soham Shiva
Hindu College

It is hard to imagine what might lie beyond those rusted iron gates, creaking as they open wide. I don’t know what that red building, with occasional streaks of white, might hold for me. It will probably be topographical — summits of happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine, and valleys of frustration and failure. For the first time in my life, I really want to study a subject (my mother will be proud of me). My licence to while away my time in bowling alleys, gaming arenas and movie theatres draws to an official end, only to be renewed soon.

Now that I’m admitted and all fears are rested, a big thank you to my parents who were my greatest source of strength when the day’s light was veiled by dark clouds of absolute chaos. If it wasn’t for their comforting assurances and strengthening hope, I may never have been able to pull myself out of the bogs filled with pessimism. It’s funny to think back upon those moments of empty-handedness when I distracted myself by invading nations in a virtual world, all day long. I mastered Alexander’s cavalry manoeuvres, Soviet tank-rush and other things which will probably never help me in my life. After all these years I’ve learnt that pointlessness is the surest sign of having fun. College starts this week and I hope it’s a joyride down till the very end.

Kshitij Sharan
Hindu College

God created us. And we created Delhi University.

Its tough to live with it or without it. We hate it, yet love it. It has this irresistible magnetic quality about it which attracts us all. Just imagine the life (out of sheer hearsay); classes from 10 to 1 (that too rarely) and then you are free the whole day. What an awesome change from your school life.

You have your own car, you are officially an adult and no one can rule your life. But most of all you are staying in the city where your heart and soul lies.
Moving on, I would like to appeal to all the future Delhi University students. Please try using the metro or univ specials (buses), because the “DU experience” can never be complete without these. Where’s the fun in coming to college in chauffer driven cars?

The best part is that in DU, no one cares how much money you have, or how big your car is. It’s you as a person that counts. So get ready for a roller coaster ride... called "Delhi University”.

Saumya Aggarwal
Kamla Nehru College

Looking back at the past year, it feels like having been through a rollercoaster ride, with its ups and downs and exciting twists and turns with fresh adrenaline pumping in my blood. Entering Class 12, studying, going through all those ‘this-is-your-career-year’ lectures, staying away from parties (Well, trying to), hour long conversations on the phone with friends, exam pressure, farewell assemblies, appearing for the final frontier — our Board exams, the two-month wait for its result, rushing to colleges, applying for everything, entrance exams, waiting for cut-offs, interviews, selections and admissions. After a visit to my school recently, I felt as if I’ve left it behind, as though I belong to a bigger world now. As though, now I’m on a new path with the memories, experiences and mistakes of my past to learn from and write a new story for myself. Looking at my teachers waving back at me, I realised that those hands would never again pat me on the back for encouragement. Watching my juniors move through the corridors as I used to, I felt like an outsider. And all I could do was reminisce about ‘my’ time there. What I’m starting now is a whole new dream, where I won’t have ‘A+’es or ‘Can do it better’ remarks, I'll be on my own, accountable for me only. School’s over and college is just around the corner, with new twists and turns and new lessons to learn. Just like any rollercoaster ride, you never want to stop after one; you want to keep doing it again and again. Only this time, I'll do it better.