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“Doctors look at bigger diseases, not day-to-day problems which bother the individual … There's a need for doctors to address smaller things,” cosmetic dermatologist Hema Pant tells Rahat Bano.
Hindustan Times | By Rahat Bano, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 27, 2009 07:24 PM IST

Hema Pant, 35
Job: Cosmetic Dermatologist

She pulls out a mesogun fitted with a syringe carrying multi-vitamins. Soon it's like rapid fire she's swiftly “infusing” the liquid into this young woman's cheeks marred by a few brown spots. A while later during the interview, the lady disappears again, this time to give a client a botox shot. (But no peek into this procedure as the customer wants confidentiality.)

This new age beauty therapist boasts of an MBBS degree, an MD in dermatology and an international trainer for fillers. Today it isn't just about a snip of hair here or a mud-pack there. The aesthetics market has grown to include advanced treatments and surgical interventions to give the willing ski-slope noses, Angelina Jolie's full pout, spotless skin, shapely (and separated) eyebrows, or liberation from unwanted fur. This has made room for professionals like Dr Hema Pant, 35.

“I wanted to be doctor but had never thought of this. Being a doctor meant treating patients,” says the cosmetic dermatologist with Kaya Skin Clinic. “Dermatology is fascinating. (After MBBS) I didn't want to do gynaecology, the routine thing all women were doing. I was more aesthetically-inclined.” Was she attentive to her appearance? “To an extent I was. I was particular about getting waxing done routinely. In 1999 I underwent laser hair reduction (underarms) in Delhi,” says this MD from BRD Government Medical College, Gorakhpur, whose thesis was on medical causes for facial hypermelanosis (darkening) in women and using glycolic peel for treating it.

Pant says she realised there was a gap in what medical practitioners did and could do. “As doctors, we look at bigger diseases, not day-to-day problems, like a patient says, ‘I have drooping eyes’, which bother the individual … There's a need for doctors to address smaller things."

Career scope
Fresh MD in cosmetology
Pay: Rs 30,000 to 32,000 a month
As a consultant dermatologist, your pay depends on your proficiency and manhours plus you can earn more through private practice

Pluses and Minuses
It's not a 9-to-5 desk job. It never gets boring as you are constantly creating and innovating new looks as per different clients' needs and wants.
Apart from the fame and glamour of the profession, there are great travel opportunities, both for training and education as well as work.
There are health hazards as it's a strenuous job requiring you to be on your feet for eight to ten hours straight. Excessive use of hands and fingers can also lead to injuries.
You should be willing to work on weekends Fridays Saturdays and Sundays are peak hairdressing days.

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