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‘Can I get above 9CGPA in the summative assessment exam?’

Taking Class 10 or Class 12 Boards? Here’s some valuable advice from CBSE.

education Updated: Feb 26, 2013 15:44 IST

I am a Class 10 student. Can I get 9 CGPA or above after getting 8.4 CGPA in my summative assessment exam?

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the average of grade points obtained in all the subjects excluding the sixth additional subject as per the scheme of studies. Since CGPA is an average, with 8.4 in summative assessment, you need to score total marks higher than the range of 81-90% in the formative assessments and summative assessments throughout the Class 10 in the main subjects in order to get a CGPA equal to nine grade points.

I am a Class 12 student. I am not able to complete my business studies course and I cannot concentrate because of the pressure. Please help.
As a senior student, you need to be more focused and organised while preparing. Make a time schedule and stick to it. You will not benefit by building pressure. Be practical and get down to studies.

Please give me tips to attempt the Class 12 business studies paper. Is it okay to attempt questions in reverse order?
The questions may be attempted in any order in which you feel comfortable. However, ensure that you attempt all parts of a question together at one place. Do attempt the Board’s sample question papers and previous years’ question papers given on the CBSE website: www.cbse.nic.in and discuss the answers with your teachers.

I am going to appear for my Class 12 board exams. I get very confused while revising business studies because of so many different topics and their headings in each chapter. Please tell me how to deal with it.
The chapter headings and sub- headings help you in organising your topics. You may benefit by co-relating different topics and finding their application to varying situations. Perhaps drawing a concept map or flow chart may help you in this.

I am aiming at scoring more than 65 in my physics board exam out of 70. What should be my revision strategy in those three days which I am getting as the preparatory leaves?
Abhishek Aggarwal
It is good that you are aspiring to get excellent marks in board examination. You must have prepared for the same. You may devote more time in solving numericals, drawing circuit diagram/ray diagrams and other diagrams and answering concept based questions for this purpose.

I’m a Class XII student. Is there a need to practice maths questions from other books as well or the NCERT is enough?
The CBSE recommends only the textbooks published by NCERT. However, solving questions from other standard learning materials will prepare you better for the exam. But do not use completely new materials at this stage.

I am a Class 12 student. My school follows SK Aggarwal for economics. Which other reference books would you recommend for this subject? I have a doubt whether memorandum balance sheet (in dissolution) is in the board syllabus or not. Could you please suggest reference books for accountancy as well?
Rama Ravikrishnan
Textbooks published by NCERT are the only textbooks prescribed by the Board. However, in order to have understanding of the concepts covered under different sub-topics, one may have to refer to some standard textbooks. Different topics are found to have been dealt differently in various textbooks. However, it is not advisable to refer to new textbooks at this point of time. Even the NCERT textbooks include sufficient number of practice problems. Memorandum balance sheet is not in the accountancy syllabus.

I am a Class 12 commerce stream student. I’m worried about how to prepare for the English paper because it’s not easy to score good marks in the subject and for getting admission in Delhi University, I have to get a good aggregate. Please suggest a way to prepare for my English board exam. My friends have joined English tuition classes but I don’t find any scope in joining tuitions.
Sajal Seth
To score good marks in English please practice the first section on reading skills. Do not worry about the difficult words occurring in the passage. Just locate the answers to the given questions and write in complete short and simple sentences. In this section, you can score the maximum marks. Similarly, in the writing section, prepare some current topics and learn to write the correct formats of the texts like report, notice, letter article etc. Read all the lessons of the text books thoroughly.

Can I get any last minute tips? How can I actually work on improving my performance? I am feeling very jittery and finding it hard to manage things. Please help.
Debarati Ghosh
Don’t worry. You have studied well through out the year and with the examination round the corner, you have to revise the concepts given in the NCERT text books. Attempt sample question paper and previous years’ papers available on the CBSE website within the prescribed time limit. Get them evaluated and work on your weak areas.

I am preparing for my Class 10 board exams. I have a problem studying chemistry. Whatever I study, I forget after a few days. I am unable to solve sample papers which makes me feel worse. Please help.
You may practise by writing the chemical equations and drawing required diagrams. Study with full concentration. You may seek help from teachers and close friends for your doubts.

I have a few queries regarding the word limit in some questions of English (core) paper of Class 12. How does the word counting work? Do words comprising one/two letters are not considered in the word limit? Does it start from words comprising three letter onwards? In case of questions pertaining to writing of advertisements, notice in section B (advance writing skills), is it different? For example, will a, an, etc. be counted as one word each?
All the words are counted whether it is one letter or two letters but what is important is the content of the text which should have all the required value points. Students should practise writing 30-50 words for notice/ advertisement etc. and 100-200 words as per the requirement of the questions for writing the answer under section B &C. While you practice at home count the number of words in each line so that you have an idea of how many words in your handwriting are contained in one line of the Board answer sheet.

I am a Class 12 science student. I have problems learning reactions. I learn them one day and forget them by next morning. This is making it impossible for me to study p-block. The chapter is so huge that I don’t understand which topic/ sub-topic I have to concentrate more on. Please help.
Priyamvada Kameshwar
Do sufficient practice through writing of chemical reactions. Also try to understand the related chemistry concepts in such reactions. Learning with understanding will help.

This helpline comes to you from CBSE. For queries, send an email to hteducation@ hindustantimes.com, marked ‘CBSE queries’