CCE is to make all-time learners

Gone are the days of examining and rote learning. Now it is time to develop students into all-round thinkers reports Dr Shayama Chona

education Updated: Jun 02, 2010 09:12 IST
Dr Shayama Chona
Dr Shayama Chona
Hindustan Times

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) is a very interesting method of making students all-time learners — throughout the year. It is certainly a step in the right direction. Unfortunately our school education system has got so used to the archaic method of passing exams that now both the students as well as the teachers will have to put in their best on every single day of the school life.

Gone are the days of examining and rote learning. Now is the time to turn students into thinkers. They must work hard not at just mastering the text but ‘learning by doing in group activities’. The annual exams have a new name called ‘summatives,’ which means the student’s work of the whole year will be considered. Teachers will give reports on students continuously and not assess them just one time during the final exams.

Yes, this system asks for an attitudinal change. The teachers have to work harder — each teacher will have to bond with her/his pupils to know their strengths and weakness.

Are the parents going to be satisfied with grades and not marks? Will the grades also be introduced in Class XII and why not? CBSE may kindly answer these questions.

However, there is great hope for all students as the method does not only test the IQ (Intelligence Quotient). It also tests the EQ (Emotional Quotient), PQ (Physical Quotient), CQ (Cultural Quotient), SQ (Social Quotient), and TQ (Technology Quotient).

The grading system will determine the all-round personality of the child.

The author is former principal of DPS, RK Puram and president of Tamana, a non-governmental organisation for individuals with special needs

First Published: Jun 01, 2010 14:50 IST