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Cultivate the power of choice

Remember the three Ds — discernment, detachment and discipline — before making any choice reports Chitra Jha

education Updated: Aug 11, 2010 09:40 IST
Chitra Jha
Chitra Jha
Hindustan Times

At any given moment, we are faced with two (or more than two) choices. Each choice has a consequence, whether we realise it in that moment or not. At times, we end up making the right choice, but there are instances when we falter. These moments are known as ‘choice points’, and the consequences as ‘choice point events’.

These choice point events are presented to us between now (the choice point) and anytime in the future. But when these events happen (come into our experience), we either blame or credit others. If there is no one to give credit to or blame, we call them good luck or bad luck. In reality, luck is nothing but a consequence of our choices or a choice point event! If you think about it, all we really have in our life is our power to choose.

Making good choices is a quality we all need to cultivate. Our choices usually tell us (and the environment) what is and what is not to our liking. As we have no choice but to choose something in every moment, we end up learning from our choices. We repeat choices which have led us to success and avoid those that resulted in failure. But one undeniable truth is that choices are the ultimate expression of our free will!

How to choose remains an art to be learnt. We must learn how to choose until we ‘get it right’. It helps us to remember the three Ds of discernment, detachment and discipline, before we make any choice.

Choices must be made with discernment because each choice has a consequence. And discernment can only be gained through our experience with choices, our successes and failures, the tragedies and triumphs of our lives, the mistakes and miracles that we encounter. The important step in making better choices is to learn from our successes and failures and do better the next time. If we can improve each time, step by step our choices become better and our lives improve.

Choices must be made with detachment. Detachment is the art of letting the will of God become our will. Complete acceptance of and surrender to His will takes a lot of faith and true faith can never let us down.

Choices must accompany discipline. Success in any area is directly linked to our discipline in pursuing it. We can’t have a successful venture without the discipline of training, policies and procedures. Discipline is the foundation of anything that we wish to achieve in this world. With detachment and discipline, we learn discernment and employ the power of our choices to good use.

Making choices based on compassion, and as empowered creators, rather than with the mindset of angry, vengeful victims, is important too. Only then can we truly realise our highest potential, not to mention, our Divine destiny!

The author is a life-skills coach, time-line therapist, and new consciousness writer. Contact:

First Published: Aug 10, 2010 11:45 IST