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End of the roller-coaster ride

HT Horizons’ campus journalists went through the tedious and tiring admission process; they share their anxious moments, bouts of jubilation, disappointment (for some), and also those incidents that have taught them unforgettable lessons of life

education Updated: Jun 30, 2010 09:18 IST
Hindustan Times

Saumya Aggarwal Presentation Convent

As the admissions almost come to an end, out of the many realisations that I’ve had in the past month, one of the most important eye-openers has been my love for my parents. I’ve come to realise that my parents are the two people whom I can be myself with, in the truest sense, who won’t judge me based on my choices, who will always stand by me no matter what the circumstances are, will always protect me however they can. The words “nurturing” and “giving” characterise the unstinting love they freely give to me.

Words usually come easily to me, but now, as I try to frame a portrait of words describing how my mom and dad have helped me through the admissions process, I find myself strangely tongue-tied.

So, for all the mom’s and dad’s, thank you for rushing to the door after we came back from school, for saying ‘all the best’ for every unit test and exam, for teaching us things that we don’t learn in school, for helping us with our assignments and homework, for being examples of hard work and strength, for helping us find our way till the very end.

“I thank you for giving me the best you had to give,
Loving, correcting and teaching me productive ways to live.”
I write this as a tribute to my parents to say a big ‘Thank you’ and that ‘I love you’.

Soham Shiva The Shri Ram School. Gurgaon

I'm sure many of you have seen the T-Shirts captioned “I was born intelligent, but education ruined me.” Until this week, I never thought too seriously about this. But suddenly, it’s beginning to make sense. To put things in perspective, allow me to shed light on the week that was.

When the board results were declared, I had taken an easy breath assuming a safe ride through the turbulent cut-offs. Unfortunately that easy ride crash-landed in some cannibal country. My dad tells me profoundly, “Son, life is not always fair”. I don't understand why it can’t be unfair in my favour. I can’t help but laugh at these ‘tornado’ed circumstances. I got a 90.25 per cent in my boards, but apparently my face turns into that of a slimy monster everytime I enter the college premises and end up being shown the huge (decorated with welcome) exit door. The thing is that almost all colleges don't recognise two of my subjects in best four namely engineering drawing and environmental education.

Owing to these mindless regulations, my best-of-four is reduced within the range 82-86, depending from college to college and I can’t clear most cut-offs. I will not emphasise on the 'retardedness' of these rules (to put it mildly), as it serves no purpose. I have to live with it. I can’t declare which college I’m hopeful of getting into, for I no longer remember the meaning of ‘hope’. Fact is, that I can still manage to force a smile and crack some lame joke. So I'll live.

Here is something from my idol.
Hobbes : "What are you doing?"
Calvin : "Being cool."
Hobbes : "You look more like you're bored."
Calvin : "The world bores you when you're cool”

Kshitij Sharan Vasant Valley, Vasant Kunj

22nd June; the date which decided the fate of many. On the night of the 21st we were all waiting with baited breath for the first cut-off list. But I knew that I would be struck only with disappointment. My wish to study economics already dissolved with my English marks. So I had to settle for History at Venky (I don't really mind with Keventers being right across).

I have to say that surprisingly Venky admissions were very organised. There were different stalls for every course and the form filling process was pretty elementary as well (but only if you had all the necessary documents). I registered for the course but had to pay the next day. The next day, due to some

“technical difficulties” with my application, I had to wait for one and a half hours doing absolutely nothing and my assumptions about the administration completely vanished.

The same day I had my sports trials for chess. I didn't really and still don't know if the centralised trials are helping me or ruining me. I reached Hansraj at 1 pm, sharp on time. But little did I know that the rest of my afternoon was going to be one of the most mentally draining of my life. I had gone there just for the experience and the learning I received was tremendous. We had to play four matches in a row and then puzzles. It was pretty well organised and I was pretty impressed with the fairness of the trials as the computer did the pairing for each match. As I returned home after a mentally draining seven hours, I started to like DU more and with this thought I slept off as soon as I touched my bed; what you call a one touch sleeper.

Vanshika DPS

, Mathura Road

Some people might be bored of this word but then that's what happens sometime — Bizzare. This week was nothing less than a roller coaster ride. I cleared LSR- journalism and I am Top 10 in the list. Rank 6 to be precise. And somehow it occurs to me that what you always want to do comes back to you.

This is what I dreamt of back then in 10th grade. I was not mature then so I got confused and took science which certainly is not a decision I regret as it taught me a lot. Patience, hard work and not giving up. And finally I do get what I always wanted. Now, people say that journalism is a professional course and can be done after graduation. What I want you to know through this blog is that people will always say something. And not always are they wrong, but you know yourself and your contemplations the best. Probably when one day everybody realises that we can, if not completely, but somehow be free of a rat race that we complain about and at the same time create. I remember the lines of the teacher who counseled me at LSR when I had gone for registration - 'I get an idea that you want to prove yourself'. Yes, I do. I always wanted to and I probably couldn't at times. Yet, I consider this as the biggest achievement of an 18-year-old life that I could never remove the passion or the fire in me to work in whatever field, activity, stream or event I chose. The remaining happenings in the quest for admission include Sri Venkateswara College results on June 30, LSR - ECA trial on July 1 and Hindu trials on July 8, 9 and 10.

For all like or unlike me, here's the key to excellence — Start working to fulfill your dreams or else some day someone will put you in work to fulfill their dreams.

Arushi Kaath DPS, Gurgaon, Sector 45

Till my class XII results were disclosed, I was uncertain about how I would fare and apprehensive about which college I'd subsequently end up going to. My parents were very supportive when they said that everyone has a place in this world and each one of us is meant to do something with our lives, and in time I would figure that out for myself as well. Even after I secured a 91 per cent, it did not seem enough, at least not for DU. While applying I had my fingers crossed hoping that I'd make it to at least one of the five colleges I tried for. My apprehension also led me to apply elsewhere, like the United Kingdom and Mumbai University.

UK had been a done deal for a long time, and so I knew that I had something to fall back on in case DU didn't work out. In the past month my love for Mumbai as a student city has also grown many folds, which made my application to Mumbai University a delight.

And today, as I write this article, I am overwhelmed, content and amused at the same time. Overwhelmed because I have secured admission in 4 out of 5 colleges in Delhi University (and I thought Stephen's was a long shot!), as well as all three colleges in Mumbai University!

Amused, when I look back on the umpteen conversations I had with my parents where I felt that I stood nowhere, as they tried to boost my morale, and today their words hold true, for I feel that I have outdone myself.

But most of all, I am a content 17-year-old, because in the end, I did not have to settle for something that I don't wish to do. I can proudly say that I have secured admission in some of the most prestigious colleges in the country, and yet I chose to go to Mumbai where the course and the college are just right for me! I am glad that I got to take this decision not out of compulsion but out of choice!

Gauri Saxena Gyan Bharati School

And how I wish I would never have to chose, life, things, relationships, situations etc. That’s why perhaps, order and obeyance is something I’m almost drugged to, because then you just need to follow. We'll get to how I had to make, perhaps the toughest choice of my 17 years of unfruitful existence, this week. LSR or Stephen's, it was weighing upon my head like nothing did, ever before. Also this week gave me an aggravated sense of achievement, well, who wouldn’t be on top of the world if their CATE rank was 55 out of 9,000 kids who appeared for it? I was was on cloud nine, and this is only an underestimation, believe me. So, the CATE score, making it to LSR first cut-off list and getting selected for Stephen’s interview was a triple package I was not prepared to handle. It made me extravagant, and extravagantly confused too. I was running behind a name, Stephens for as long as I can remember and I had everything in a delicious platter, the only thing I had to do was, "to chose". Now the hardest part! How could I ever chose between the best? The thought petrified me, only because I was afraid I'd make the wrong choice. But then again, how was going into Stephen's or LSR going to be wrong either way? The dilemma that I was faced with, I would wish that for no one. It was the 24, the LSR admission date, and as I soon as I went into that space I knew, this is where I was destined to be for the next three years. And that realisation cleared my head up. So, this time when I blog, I blog as an LSR student, not still seeking admission but ready admitted!

First Published: Jun 29, 2010 11:47 IST