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Getting started…

As campus journalists, we will be sharing our experiences of getting through the excruciating college admission process — transitioning from one phase of life to another.

education Updated: May 14, 2013 13:01 IST
Vritti Gandhi
Vritti Gandhi
Hindustan Times

There is no limit to what can be accomplished, if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.’

Okay, that is not me. That is written on a wall in the Hindustan Times office, where we — the nascent campus journalists (CJs) — had our first meet.

It had been a scary week, wondering what it would be like to write for HT, to meet the other campus journalists.

I had entered the office with my heart racing fast and feeling like a pit had been dug up in my stomach.

I was amazed by the friendly, comfortable atmosphere here, and my apprehensions faded a bit.

I went into the meeting room and was surprised, and relieved, to find seven people of my own species.

We instantly hit it off, talking about college courses, sitcoms, novels, zodiac signs. It felt good to be surrounded by these intelligent, like-minded people. Out of the eight of us, there were four humanities students overpowering the rest, three commerce students, and one science student.

We had a photo shoot, during which we could hardly stop laughing. After about 10 minutes, we went back for the edit meet, where we further discussed the various topics we could write on.

It was an interesting bout with interesting people.

Geetika, a Sagittarian, was the first person I met. She comes across as an outgoing, knowledgeable person, bubbling with many ideas.

Jasmine, a Libran, has a charming personality, with a passion for blogging and a loathing for mathematics.

Tarana is a Scorpion and is an intellectual person, with opinions she firmly believes in.

Kritika, an ‘unbeatable optimist’, is a Virgo who dreams big and believes.

Umang is a Sagittarian, who is passionate about filmmaking and comes across as a fascinating person.

Prem, the only science student among us all, is a Piscean and aspires to be an air force pilot.

Chaudhary Ali is a Taurean, who is obsessed with playing Subway Surfers on his phone and is a reserved person.

And then there is me, Vritti, looking forward to working with this enthralling bunch of people.

As campus journalists, we will be sharing our experiences of getting though the excruciating college admission process, of transitioning from one phase of life to another — from being high school students to becoming college-goers.

With excitement gripping us all, we hope to be of help to a myriad of students out there, who, like us, cannot wait to get started.

I came in, with creases on my forehead, all worked up about how this would go, and I left with a smile on my face, suddenly filled with a new kind of zeal and a certainty that it was all going to be fine.

Vritti Gandhi
Holy Child Auxilium School

Flaky, goofy, nutty are perhaps the best words that would describe me! I am Vritti Gandhi, one of the thousands of students who are waiting with their fingers crossed for — oh! you guessed it! — the results. I had been studying in Holy Child Auxilium School and had taken up commerce as a subject. I am a music, dance, astrology and Harry Potter lover, with a desire to escape away to Hogwarts, forever. And while I am among those people who have their minds set on the course they want to pursue, I am unsure of being so sure. I dream big. So here I am, ready to venture ahead into the unknown, with an aspiration of doing something great in life, leaving a mark in this world, making a difference.

Jasmine Bhalla
St Thomas’ School

For the past two hours I’ve been watching a FRIENDS marathon, conveniently trying to avoid describing myself. For an ambivalent high school graduate standing at the proverbial crossroads of her life, this is the last thing I would want to do. I, however, will give it a try. Hailing from St Thomas’ School, English has always been my first love. I started off by composing poems when I was 10 and narrating them in front of my class. That is how my fondness for the language developed and today, I co-author a blog along with my friend. Apart from academics, I have also dabbled in modelling for a short while. I try to be a normal teenager — enjoying closet singing, loving oxymorons and detesting math!

Chaudhary Ali Mardan Khan
DPS, Indirapuram

Question - What is it that all respectable men readily talk about, Mr Chaudhary Ali?
Answer - “Themselves”.
Owing to my image of myself being a respectable man who is recently out of school. I will introduce myself ! Well, I am preparing for law entrances, planning on applying to DU for honours courses. Most part of my day is spent solving logical reasoning, English questions, estimating my board result and looking at the previous year’s cut-off and what not. I do think I have the gift of gag with a slight talent in organising events. I haven’t really noticed but from what I have heard, I have a lilt in my gait, mischief on my face, fire in my voice, power in my expressions — oodles of charisma and to sum up I am a powerhouse of talent...

Tarana Faroqi
Sardar Patel Vidyalaya

Hey everyone! I am Tarana and I have studied humanities. I am a fun-loving, friendly person and a big foodie. Well, you will be surprised if you see me as I am skinny, like quite. As an extrovert I like to interact with people and make them happy. I want to pursue political science in college, I know nerdy, right? I am a huge coffee addict and that’s how I burned the midnight oil and stayed awake during the boards preparing for the ‘boards’ . Now that I have started about my nerdy side, let me tell you that MUN, that is Model United Nations, is my passion, everyone calls me the MUN girl! I love to read, write, debate, travel and do crazy things. I hate stereotyping people and I am one of those who breaks stereotypes!

Geetika Ahuja
Summer Fields School

Describe yourself. That would seem like two simple words to you. The two words that have been boggling my brain since the last one hour. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Geetika Ahuja, currently trying to steer the ship of her life in the right direction.

I eat, pray, love books and I feast on Nicholas Sparks novels. Currently I am addicted to Supernatural and I have plastered my bedroom walls with One Direction posters much to mother’s annoyance.

Juggling extra-curricular activities with academics is difficult, but I have learnt to strike a balance. A voracious reader, a poetry lover and an avid quizzer, I have won quite a few accolades in these spheres. From being the Interact Club President to the Head Girl, my voyage has been extremely enriching.

Kritika Narula
St Margaret Senior Secondary School

Being asked to describe myself makes me kind of nostalgic, why, wasn’t it the topic for our extempore in 1st standard? Jokes apart, the first word that comes to my mind is “bibliophile”. I can’t choose a favourite genre. I just love books — hardcover, paperback, sometimes e-books (sometimes only), old editions, latest editions, collector’s edition, self-help, mystery, science fiction, mythology, informative, spiritual et al. I’ve been a merit-holder, having bagged every possible academic award in school. I deem it befitting to mention that I have bagged prizes in numerous competitions, including those organised by Competition Success Review, WE NGO, among others. I have harboured a knack for writing since childhood. I find inspiration in the works of Robin Sharma, Steve Jobs, Rashmi Bansal, Preety Sengupta, Albert Schweitzer, Dan Brown, and Demi Lovato and of course, many of my teachers. My favourite one-liner is, “Hope is a rope that swings you through life.”

Premanshu Tripathi
Kendriya Vidyalaya, JNU

Aim for the skies, if you don’t get the skies you’ll get at least a handful of stars.

These are not mere words. It’s something which influences my way of life.

I am Premanshu Tripathi. I was also the head boy of the school and it was an amazing experience heading a school with a population of more than 5000 students. My first love is sports in which I would especially mention cricket and football. I am a big Barcelona football club fan and I follow every sport I could. I love food stuffs of my mama’s hands and am a pure vegetarian. I try not to be selfish and be the same person to everyone.

I really hate selfish people and double personalities. I believe in being what you are and when you are what you are you are the best. I aspire to become a fighter pilot in the Indian air force and appeared for the NDA exam this year.

Ummang Sharma Bajpai
The Indian School

An optimistic outlook is like an expressway to your destination, you can choose to take the bumpy pessimistic path, I’m sure you’ll get there eventually (optimism, see?) but I feel it’s always better if you take things on the lighter side.

Hi, I’m Ummang and I’ve done my class 12 from the Indian School. I’m a peace-loving guy who loves watching TV and clicking pictures. I dream big and try to think divergently to tackle any problem life throws at me! I’m not a big fan of studying in general - unless it’s something I like. I usually have strong views and opinions and I like to express them. And no, it’s not called arguing! I’m an agnostic atheist. I hope to have my own TV show someday and make a few hit flicks en-route. All in all, I’m one who will enjoy taking the road not taken and generally like to stay chilled and watch the grand show the world puts up!


Finally, I, as the editor of the week, convened the edit meeting. It was fun, lively and interesting

1 Setting up the edit meet
Our first edit meet had been set up in the office at 10 and was chaired by me, with all of us brainstorming, trying to decide the topics to write on in the consequent weeks

2 Theme of the Week
In today’s edition, the campus journalists introduce themselves to you

3 Tasks set out
The only task required for this edition was for the CJs to send in their profiles

4 The most disciplined journo
It’s too early to tell. According to what I have observed, all of them seem equally disciplined and hard-working

5 Work I did this week
We all sent in our respective profiles and I got to know the rest of the CJs

6 ...and next week’s editor is
Chaudhary Ali. Hold your breath, for there is a lot more to come!

First Published: May 14, 2013 12:51 IST