How to tap your inner Einstein
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How to tap your inner Einstein

Don’t let the word research scare you. Given below are some easy steps to help you identify and isolate your scientist ‘gene’ and start work on it right away

education Updated: Mar 07, 2012 13:26 IST
HT Education Correspondent

Don’t go by the scores: Your marks do not count. Even if you have been an average student, what matters is the ‘inner fire.’ Are you burning with the desire to do something to change the world? If yes, try to find out what fuels this zeal...

Curious? Have a question for everything? Want to find out the answers to everything that perplexes you – from why some types of flamingos are pink to what is it that makes French grape varieties the best in the world? The more curious you are the more interested will you be in a career in research ... because that’s what it’s all about. Reading, questioning, and finding the answers to everything.

Getting kickstarted: Many people complain about not being able to focus or concentrate on studies. The reason for this is they do not pay enough attention to what you are doing. Start practising ‘mindfullness’ –- focusing on your breathing, on the task at hand... exclude everything else from your mind. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

That great big love: Get adept at the art for living for others, doing things for others, make life a little easier for others. Unselfishness, the desire to do good, experiment... everything can come together to create a ‘eureka moment’ for you.

First Published: Mar 07, 2012 12:02 IST