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Memories of success

If you want to travel back in time, go to those periods when you were really successful and happy. That will have a rub-on effect on your present and future, says Chitra Jha

education Updated: Jul 14, 2010 10:26 IST
Chitra Jha
Chitra Jha
Hindustan Times

There is one golden universal rule that we all must pay heed to. This rule says that whatever we pay attention to grows in our lives. Going by this rule, if we were to pay attention to the past memories of success, we will invite more successes in our lives. The best part is that these successes need not be big events. Simple successes like deciding to drink a glass of milk and drinking it to the last drop, will do; as long as there is a sense of achievement in it (and not the feeling of getting over with another chore).

When you go down the corridors of the past, what memories lie uppermost in your mind? If you are like most people, you may be haunted by memories of failure, betrayal, and not being good enough. If that is the case, you may understand now, why you invite more of the same in your life! If you were to hold on to memories of success, joy, bliss and happiness, you would invite more of these in your life!

Memories of failure drain our energies and lead us to self-recrimination; while memories of success make us thrive. Examine yourself. Do you live in your memories or do you believe that the past is over and done with? If you do go back in time in your brain, where do you go? Do you refl- ect on those times when you said and did things, which didn’t bring you much credit? If you do, you are like most of us.

But is there a different way of looking back at our lives? Can this looking back empower us? How about entertaining only those memories, which remind you of your successes? What about remembering only those times when you received love and appreciation? What was the best time of your life? May be it was time spent with your family at home! May be it was your thumping report card in Class One! Perhaps it was the time you felt close to someone! How about re-living these memories?

When we re-experience the moments of love, appreciation, joy, enthusiasm and determination, we feel light. In fact, that is when we turn on the light within us. We do this by deleting all those memories from our brain cells, which take away our loving energy. We do this by switching the channel: from the channel of failure to channel of success. As we do this we raise our vibrations and begin to feel really good about ourselves.

When you allow your mind to drift into the past, let it be a good journey. The moment you allow your mind to project into the future let it be a loving future. When you stay in the present, reap the benefit of these wonderful memories.

The author is a life skills coach, time-line therapist, and new consciousness writer. Contact:

First Published: Jul 13, 2010 15:53 IST