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Whatever the circumstances we live in we should not stop dreaming, says Chitra Jha

education Updated: Nov 03, 2010 09:20 IST
Chitra Jha
Chitra Jha
Hindustan Times

All of us have a dream. This dream matters to us and we intend to achieve it. But as we live our lives, unexpected events pose many challenges on our path.

The economy, education, illness and reality ask us to stop dreaming and start focusing on what is already there in our life. And, yet, we can’t let go of our dream.

If you are one such person with a dream in your heart and a will to achieve it, follow these guidelines:
. Become comfortable with uncertainties. True creation happens out of uncertain times.
. Know that you were created to create. Allow time and space for this to occur.
. Have extraordinary faith and take action on what is important to you. Don’t wait for any assurances or guarantees.
. Relax. As you relax, your ego with its agenda, fears and doubts will slip away.
. Learn to become empty. As you empty your cup, it can be filled again with better stuff.
. Become aware that it is more powerful to move toward what you want than move away from what you don’t want.
. See all points of view, all sides, and new perspectives regarding your dream.
. Have the courage, clarity and commitment to share your dream and ideas to empower others.
. Think of making the world a better place.
. Live with integrity. Keep your agreements with yourself and others.
. Develop a purpose, mission, vision, calling and dream in many areas of life.
. Believe in yourself and your dreams.
. Say ‘yes’ to all opportunities that come your way.

The author is a life-skills coach, time-line therapist, and new consciousness writer. Contact:

First Published: Nov 02, 2010 12:42 IST