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Shri Ram College of Commerce

The college has a cafeteria committee comprising members of the staff members and students from the union. The committee members have the onus of addressing concerns about the cafeteria.

education Updated: Aug 08, 2012 16:31 IST
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Student verdict

What do you like about the place?
A number of things about the eatery get the thumbs-up.
“The best part is the affordability, the quantity and the quality we get here,” Garima Syal, a BA (hons) economics student (2011-2012).
How would you rate the quality of the meals available at the canteen? “The quality of the food is moderate to good,” says Syal.
There’s yet another option for students to eat in. “We also have Irfaan Maggi Centre which is the coolest meeting place.”
Talking of specific items, both Asian and Western fare get the vote. “The Chinese food (Chowmein, spring rolls) attracts us the most. Apart from that the basketball sandwiches (Rs. 30) are their speciality,” says Syal

Do you get your lunch from home? If yes, what?
Yes, there are youngsters who do value mommy’s food more than what they get outside. “We get home-made food like roti sabzi, paranthas, sandwiches, butter toasts, etc because parents are not satisfied with their child having cafeteria food on a regular basis. Besides, it is definitely more nutritious and healthy Also, there is more variety, we get a balance diet and homemade food is the best,” says Syal

Are you happy with the canteen food?
“We have a menu with south Indian, north Indian, and Chinese items and snacks,” says Syal

The best thing you like about the college cafeteria?
Again, hard and soft factors play up to endear the eatery to diners. “Cheese cutlets and chholay bhatura are our speciality. The food is very traditional and it’s very low-priced. The food available is high on quality and is stomach-filling,” says Syal

If you’re eating in the canteen, what do you expect to be served?
While the canteen has a variety of noteworthy aspects, students’ dil maange more. So, greater variety in terms of items on the menu with more caffeine shots thrown in.

“Proper vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis could be served. Wholesome food like rajma, chholay or curry chawal could be made available every day. We would love to have a Nescafe stall,” says Syal

Straight from the students’ union

Is there any person in charge of the cafeteria? Does the institute monitor what is being served?
“The college has a cafeteria committee comprising members of the staff members and students from the union. The committee members have the onus of addressing concerns about the cafeteria. Students from the union are selected by turns, and they are responsible for cafeteria-related work,” says Gaurav Aggarwal, president, Students’ Union (2011-2012), SRCC

Are the students offered food of high nutritional value?
Members of the union go on regular rounds of the cafeteria. Two to three members are allotted the responsibility of keeping a check on what’s going on. “We also have solved issues of cleanliness in the kitchen and water problems. Special aprons and gloves have been allotted to the cooks for preparing the food,” says Akhilesh Singh Rawat, vice president, Students’ Union (2011-2012), SRCC

Any changes likely in the current menu list?
“In consultation with the current operator, the students’ union has got the entire menu revamped. We have removed the option of foods like rajma and chholay in keeping with students’ view. There have been certain additions including spring rolls, fresh fruit juices, chowmein, uttapam and French fries,” says Rawat

Any plans to upgrade the food quality?
The union keeps a watch over cafeteria activities. “A meeting is held once a month to discuss the quality of food in terms of nutrients. Issues like prices and water problems are taken up as well. The committee members also engage in regular inspections. The union is open to suggestions,” says Rawat

What we liked about this place
A lot of chairs and tables were kept in an organised manner. With a seating capacity of 60-70 students at a given time, the cafeteria is very spacious, well-ventilated and lively

Saaf safai
The food in the cafeteria is cooked in mineral water and the utensils are nicely washed and wiped. The surroundings are neat and clean, with a lot of dustbins


First Published: Aug 08, 2012 14:49 IST