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Survival guide: Always remember, you are unique

We should learn to value individual differences.

education Updated: Apr 20, 2016 16:51 IST
Dr Samir Parikh
Dr Samir Parikh
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
You must identify your originality and appreciate it.
You must identify your originality and appreciate it. (istock)

Each individual is unique. We should cherish our own qualities, appreciate them and recognise our own positive uniqueness. We should not spend much time worrying about the expectations of other people, competing with others, or trying to be like someone else.

1. Increase your self-awareness: You need to be self-aware be able to recognise your uniqueness. Work on understanding your own self, and pay attention to your inner experiences.

2. Be true to yourself: You tend to rely excessively on others’ approval. However, you need to remember that no one else can know about your life and your experiences better than yourself. You need to trust your objective evaluation of your own abilities.

3. Allow yourself to appreciate your experiences: Instead of cursing your destiny or bad luck, or blaming external factors for the situations you find yourself in, try to focus on your own contributions towards living that particular experience. Pay attention to the way you feel, think and react to the situation and cherish these experiences. Learn from them, and recognise how each experience adds constructively to your life.

4. Explore yourself: Your own uniqueness is not necessarily a hidden talent. It could be in the form of a passion, a dream, or even in your own individuality. It’s all about the way you think, feel and experience the world around you. Ensure you are able to explore these avenues and identify your own uniqueness.

5. Avoid making comparisons: Each human being has a unique and distinctive set of experiences and ways of looking at things. You need to be fair to yourself. Don’t compare yourself with your peers, seniors, role models or even with your own parents or other family members.

6. Embrace your qualities: Sometimes, you identify certain qualities in yourself, but strive to change them or modify them in order to conform to the peers and the society around you. Instead, it is important to willingly accept your own qualities. Turn your weaknesses into strengths.

7. Appreciate who you are: Recognise and appreciate the fact that you have you own positive qualities that make you unique. This realisation can go a long way in forging positive relationships.

8. Enjoy yourself: Love yourself and enjoy your own existence. You are living a purposeful life, value it, and cherish your own uniqueness, living each moment to the fullest.

(The author is director, mental health and behavioural sciences, Fortis Healthcare )