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Thank you, mom & dad

As they prepare to enter college, our campus journalists are all praise for their parents who have done everything for them — from helping them fill up forms to standing in admission queues

education Updated: Jul 10, 2012 17:58 IST
Hindustan Times

Siddhi Goel, St Thomas School

I might have written this article being a bald head. Hadn’t my father been there to help me with the ‘ever frustrating’ demands of colleges regarding ECA quota, I would have pulled out every strand of hair from my head! The support that my parents have given me throughout this grilling admission process is unparalleled. For admission under ECA category, I had to muster up all my certificates, get them photocopied, attested, get letters of recommendations from my principal, etc. My house looked as if it had just been hit by a hurricane (hurricane admissieona, rather), with scores of photocopies strewn all over. But my father braved the situation and readied all forms in an organised fashion. Only then were we able to march on with our mission-admission and submit all forms on time. I feel blessed to have been born to such cooperative and encouraging parents, who have made countless sacrifices just to help me realise my dreams. And just when I begin to gloom over the possibility of me not getting my dream college, my father enters with his aura of child-like innocence and selfless smile, renews my faith in my potential, comforts me that everything will unfold in the best way possible, and I instantly feel like a super-hero, ready to face life head-on!

My dad comforts me that things will unfold in the best way

Riti Wig, DPS Noida

The day we are born, our parents start planning our future, thinking about our schooling, college and so much! But does the entire plan work like that? We educate ourselves, are exposed to the much accelerated world, and end up making our own new plans. I have always had a bent towards creative fields, and have finally channelled it down to a communication designer or a writer. My mother has been a support and makes it a point to enlighten me about the struggle that is there and lets me be pally with the fact that making or breaking my own life depends entirely on me. I am aware that our aim should not be the fame, the money, the big life as of now. Prioritise. The craze for education and uphill battle in our desired course should be priority one! I learnt this from my mother’s experience who always wanted to be an artist but ended up taking science. Don’t fight! Explain, and put your point. We all hear the same old piece of lecture about being careless, not studying, and not working hard. But that’s alright, it’s for your good and believe me just a few years of tough grind and a Ferrari in your garage would not be such a distant dream! Listen, understand and work, be your own rockstar.

My mother enlightens me about the admissions race

Anam Kazmi, Presentation Convent

Ever since I was a toddler to the present day, my dad has painstakingly filed all my report cards, certificates and test papers. My father has always been an extremely meticulous and organised person, whereas I am very lazy. As soon as I got my Class 12 mark sheet from school, he wanted me to make photocopies and get them attested! He is the one who keeps everything ready — my mark sheets, certificates, photostats, pens, photos etc. Thanks to him, I know where to find everything! (He is also my personal alarm clock, if it wasn’t for him, I would never reach anywhere on time!) Throughout the admission process, my father has provided me unflinching support and motivation. He has done a lot of running on my behalf in the past few weeks — accompanying me to my entrance tests and interviews, maintaining a schedule of all my important dates, getting all the last minute work done, without any complaints. He has been patient with me, even though I have had several emotional outbursts. He has never pressurised me to choose a particular stream in school or any course in college; instead he has always trusted me and placed his faith in me. Now, it is time for me to reward his faith and make him proud!

It is time for me to reward my dad’s faith in me

Shreya Mudgil,Mount Carmel School

Admission time is not only a pressure time for us, but for our parents as well. They bear the heat with us, consult everybody on their contact list and are in a state of constant worry. My parents support my dream of studying English and I am thankful that they have carved out ways to fall back upon, if I do not get English. It might be a state of déjà vu for our parents as they have been through such a testing time years before, while applying for nursery admissions for us. Whether it is my mother straining her vocal chords to give me instructions before I leave to take an entrance test or obtain an application form, or it is my dad who sits with me for hours of career counselling, together my parents give immeasurable emotional support in my mission admission!

My parents give immeasurable emotional support

Ankita Chander, St Thomas School

My daddy has been a source of inspiration throughout my life and has helped me in every way possible. I believe that if my parents wouldn’t be there with me, I wouldn’t have been able to file up all the documents for the ECA quota in several colleges. Sometimes we find it a nag when our parents tell us how and what to do, but deep inside our hearts all of us know that they are our heroes, always to our rescue. When they tell me how to fill up forms and which documents to attach (with my father calling from office every hour to ask if I am studying for my interviews!), we all get irritated, without realising that they derive vicarious pleasure in our progress and probably are more concerned for our admissions than we are. If you think about it, how will our parents benefit from this? Well, they’d be able to tell five other people in an office party how well their kids are doing, and that is it. So the reason behind them being so concerned is — they want us to have a great career, they want us to drive Bentleys and put on Chanel. That is how selfless they are!

Our parents are our heroes, always to our rescue

Gargi, Air Force Bal Bharti School

In every family, each member desires to see the child of their house fulfill their own childhood dreams. The scenario of my house is no different. My mother tells me to become an engineer. My grandmother tells me to become an IAS Officer. My uncles tell me to become a doctor. And even outsiders have their inputs! Our family friends tell me to graduate through DU and take up a job which will take me abroad. Others tell me to widen my prospects and join unconventional courses like the merchant navy! My friends tell me “forget studies, let’s open a restaurant together!” Personally, I aspire to be an astronaut. So many conflicting career options, which one should I choose? As my mother has been my guiding angel, I want to make her proud of me so now even I aspire to become an engineer. My greatest mentor and best friend is my mother

My mother encourages me to dream big and achieve goals

First Published: Jul 10, 2012 11:45 IST