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The colours of college life

HT Horizons’ campus journalists this week experienced tiring activities and a constant struggle to achieve what they had dreamt of. Some decided to go for options other than DU while others are working on their confidence to live up to their ideals of college life

education Updated: Jul 07, 2010 10:08 IST
Hindustan Times

Arushi Kaath
Jai Hind College, Mumbai

So I'm finally here in Mumbai all set for Jai Hind College, and I've carved my own niche in the city. Living in an apartment, paying my own bills and commuting to and fro are giving me a feel of what independence truly is for an 18-year-old. I am doing my own chores and am self-sufficient. And being in one of the most bustling cities in the country, the added pressure of maintaining your safety and well- being serves as a test for a student to see whether one can really survive as a student all by themselves.

As for college, my lectures were to commence on Monday but were postponed to Tuesday owing to the Bharat Bandh. I am excited to discover what my course has in store for me. I did, however, attend an orientation, organised by my College. It was put together by my seniors, whose enthusiasm in welcoming us indeed reflected in the programme. We were welcomed as the new First Year batch of BMM (Bachelors of mass media), introduced to our faculty and were informed about all the events that we would come across as part of the College.

Both parents and students were equally impressed with the functioning of the college and the accolades the college has received as a result of the hard work of its students.

The amenities and provisions put in place for the students included state-of-the-art facilities, that match up to international standards. The college has a list of appealing events, programmes and fests to offer; a list which seems endless. The college is a constant reminder of just how important extra-curricular activities are for students, so they may develop a well-rounded personality.

This is topped off with an apartment I can call ‘home’ and a flat mate who is as good as family.

Soham Shiva
Ramjas College

What may seem a long time now is just a breath of an angel or one flap of a butterfly's wing. And so it was. All that rush, awareness of despair, and birth of hope. The dust storm of past weeks has settled down to give way to a conclusive finality - Ramjas.

It feels like quite a triumph to finally spot land after days of being lost in the sea, to replace monotony by a promise of vibrancy and achievement. As revealed in the first column, my pursuit lies within the map of English and beyond, and I'm very happy at being able to secure the course of my choice in a college of considerable repute. I hope this stepping stone of a new life leads to many waterfalls, those ending with rainbows.

There is much to look forward to in college, most of which lies beyond academics. Some of the short-term courses have really intrigued me. More than specifics, it is the prospect of un-hindered fun that excites me the most. That feeling of independence and limitless territories awaiting conquest has me ready to unsheath my sword, and charge!

Kshitij Sharan
Hindu College


I'm sure that this one exclamation captures the current emotion of all the students who have just overcome the ”everestic” task of completing the Delhi University admissions process. It’s finally over!!!. Some are overjoyed with their college, while others drown in despair. Some are ever so enthusiastic about going to college, while others are a little apprehensive about their new surroundings. Some got lucky, others didn't.

In last week’s article, I told you that I have taken admission into Venky for History, but after the second list came out, I decided to take Hindu philosophy instead. Some might call it foolishness, but I wanted the North Campus experience. I agree that on face value it is highly overrated but I still want to live all the stories I have been told about North Campus. Moreover, history/political science /maths, I have studied for years, I thought, in my optimism, that philosophy with its freshness, would make a big difference. Even in Hindu, the registration process was elementary and very student-friendly. The session starts on July 21st, and prior to that is our orientation and freshers party on the 20th. I might have done the “taboo” thing of choosing college over course, but I will stick with my decision and if I’m wrong, it'll be a great mistake to learn from (B +). Now, I think we have entered thereal world. We will have no choice but to come out of our bubble and face its cruelty! But I say we are ready for it.

I'll try finding an excuse creative enough to escape my mother's commandment of getting a haircut.(Sorry mom!)


Lady Shri Ram College for Women

1:00am in the morning. My phone suddenly starts ringing. The ringing tone - we didn’t start the fire. I pick up the phone “is it Virgin Atlantic?” “Wrong number.” No doubt a wrong number is the most irritating thing at this hour of the night, yet the amazing weather provoked me to open the doors of the balcony and enjoy the first light showers that the city experienced. Breathing a sign of relief with all the running around of the admissions getting over, there was still a tinge of uneasiness within me.

I somehow felt like asking myself a bigger question. No, it not about a college, course or being successful in life, but instead what I actually want from my life. Is it actually true that we have to struggle to do well in life? Or can we actually enjoy and do well? To be very frank, I still don’t know the answer to these questions, but there is something that this entire running around over the admissions has taught me, which I would like to share with everyone.

Firstly, just because you are troubled or worried about something does not really mean that you care about something. I am saying this from my experience of ECA trials, wherein the ones I could showcase my best, I was with peace within myself and cared more about speaking on the podium rather than worrying about how I would speak on that podium.

Lastly, the most important thing that I feel is necessary is not a college or a course, but most importantly to be able to hit the bed every night with a feeling of contentment. I think all we need today is to open the doors of our balcony, sit in the amazing weather, enjoy the rain and the wind and ask ourselves are we actually happy with what we are doing.

Saumya Aggarwal
Kamla Nehru College

In life, all good things must come to an end. And each end sets the foundation to yet another beginning. With the end of my school-days, life throws another mission of ‘surviving through college’ at me.

It seems just like yesterday when I was still a school girl, sitting in my class room day-dreaming about fictional characters, doodling on the last page of my notebooks, eating samosas in the canteen, having water-fights with my friends, bunking classes and what not.

But with 10+2 drawing close, I step into three years which I believe will be the best years of my life.

I am a college student. Finally! July 16th is the day of my college orientation, the day when I finally step up from the post of ‘the senior most class in school’ to the fucchas. I am both excited and scared. Excited for the fresher’s party, the seniors, the canteen (luckily my college has two, one - the regular college mess and the other a Nescafe outlet), meeting new people and living the DU dream. But scared about the first few weeks when I won’t know anybody, travelling in buses and autos, being on my own, proving myself and so much more yet to be done.

I'm worried about what role I'll play in college. Will I be the one who falls in love with the library when she steps into the college campus or the party girl who lands up attending a night-out every other night or the college activist .

Gauri Saxena
Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Just during this time last year, all of us were gearing up, for the overrated stress drive that the twelfth was going to be, and indeed it was. Although, to try my hand at blatant honesty, I’ve never had so much fun in a year, and talk about stress rides? Bah! So just about this time, we would all be working out time tables and setting everything in place, starting to complete notes and finally perhaps start attending classes. And the chasm that time brings along, is right here right now.This time has rendered me officially workless, not that THAT, is so much of a bad thing per se, however, it is leading me to useless and utterly futile activities, which if I mention in this forum, they would probably not let the write articles again. My expectations from my college are not very high to be speaking from the heart, they end just where they begin, in terms of socialising only though! In terms of knowledge, I’m certainly hoping LSR would exceed my expectations. During my admission time, one of my “to-be-teachers” mentioned that I needed to form a more solid base in terms of my readings and subject matter and so I decided I’d better start to read up on some of the course content, otherwise in the league of the best, one always tends to get lost. And with my fickle mindedness, its not such a lengthy process. After all, one is expected to be the best when you’re in the best.

First Published: Jul 06, 2010 11:35 IST