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They’re a varied lot!

HT Horizons campus journalists (CJ’s), talk about transitions, making mistakes, taking entrance exams, following dreams and catching up on sleep...

education Updated: Jun 08, 2011, 09:29 IST
Hindustan Times

Aditya Srivastava
Hansraj Modern School, Punjabi Bagh

Opportunities are immense — you just have to choose the right one for yourself and success will follow

College is a place about which we’ve been dreaming since Class 8, ‘It’d be like this, it’d be like that’, the fascination just didn’t end. But now, it feels

I was better off in Class 8, doing the daily homework, giving the weekly tests, playing cricket, watching TV and other things that a normal 8th grader does and I was happy.

But now, here we are running, running and running! Some are running after success, some are running after power, some after career, some after money, some are running because they have been doing so for a long time, some are running for fitness, some to catch their bus and some are just running pointlessly. I’m also running the race, no idea after what. But I do see a ray of light at the very end, I don’t know if it’s a ray of hope or the point of no return, but I have to find out and so I run. We’re all running behind something, but are we just doing it because everyone else is? What do we want? What do we feel like doing? It’s a big question in our lives and the only solution is to think with an open mind and a carefree attitude (not careless!).

It always feels good when we do something that we enjoy, so the mantra is simple ‘Run after something you like doing and not after something you don’t like’, what’s the point of being an engineer if you’re no good at it? Or being a doctor when you hate the smell of hospitals (it’s just weird, really!). So, in a nutshell, do what you feel like, what makes you happy and what makes you content. Opportunities are immense — you just have to choose the right one for yourself and success will follow. And why give up, because opportunities will come til the end.

Ishita Jindal
Modern School, Barakhamba Road

Satisfying ourselves with the hope for an extra mark is all we’ve got to live with…

Last-minute exam preparations are one’s we've all been dependent on. Whether good or bad, most of us find ourselves burning the mid-night oil before the exam. ‘Wish I had a day more to study’ is a cliché we've often heard and said. We all want that extra minute/hour/day/ week to score that one extra mark, to be one step ahead.

One of the state entrance results for engineering were recently out and analysing those I realised that the difference of one mark changed my rank by almost a thousand. That to me was quite surprising. Such a huge rank difference because of one mark alone!

Such huge competition puts into focus the basis of rank determination. While some colleges give better ranking to people born earlier, some are biased towards girls. Coming from the reservation category is like a dream come true, anyway. These reservations, to me, take away the basic purpose of such exams.

The people belonging to reserved classes, an older age group or the favoured gender (yes, I am a girl too, but I believe in 'equality' as opposed to feminism) often end up getting a better rank than others, whether they deserve it or not. It's unfair.

But this is the system we are a part of and we've got to live with it. So, satisfying ourselves with the hope for an extra mark is all we've got to live with…

Zinnia Sharma
St Thomas’ School

It’s okay to make mistakes. They are an integral part of the learning process…

The definition of ‘perfect’ that doesn’t incite much argument is, ‘devoid of flaws, irrespective of what magnitude’. The contracts of norms and protocol that society makes us sign form the yardstick for what is good or bad, what is a flaw and what is not, hence nothing is perfect and nothing is good or bad — it is all a matter of perception.

Now, you can take this pseudo-intellectual attempt at deciphering the universe and apply it to your lives. We all think we have some major flaws — rather, we know we have some major flaws. No one is conceited enough to call him or herself perfect. We all make mistakes in our lives and we have regrets. Especially now that we’ve to suddenly make all major decisions ourselves — be it about the course, college, career or in all, the future — we can’t afford to make mistakes. But I beg to differ. I think it's okay to make a few bad decisions. Bad judgements shall lead to mistakes, which in turn would give an experience saving us from making erroneous judgments in future. I say you're allowed to make mistakes, and learn things the hard way. Right now, is rather a safe time to take some so called 'wrong decisions', because lessons learnt the hard way are best remembered.

Diksha Jain
Springdales School, Pusa Road

I look back upon the good times spent in school, while ahead of me lies a road full of opportunities

Life is like a set of hurdles, where crossing one only leads you to another, and this race is never-ending.

A fortnight ago, I thought that once the results would be declared, the game would be over. The game has only begun! This game is only too similar to the game of poker where I can only see my cards and the cards on the table are yet to be revealed.

Today, as I stand upon the threshold of my career, I look back upon the good times spent in school, while ahead of me lies a road full of opportunities. The school was more like a family where we received love and care from our teachers, while college is an institution which is primarily defined by the words ‘liberty’, ‘freedom’ and ‘friends’.

This phase of transition from school uniforms to fashionable casuals, from tiffin boxes to college canteens, from morning assemblies to hanging around the campus; is surely going to redefine all of us! As the days to enter college are nearing, I am all geared up to shed all my inhibitions and discover a complete new me!

Parushi Ruhil
St Thomas’ School

The competition is cutthroat. You study to out-perform your counterpart but there still remains this ‘someone better’!

Parents’ favourite line is: “This is the most important exam of your life.” They said it before my Class 10 Board exams, my Class 12 Boards, and now they say it before every entrance exam. The emotional quotient is high this season, especially with mothers!

“What if you don’t get admission in a good Delhi University college,” she asks me every second day. I don’t know what to say to her. College is neither the start nor the end of ones’ life. An institution is not going to decide my future and my life, my talents and capabilities will. But some parents just don’t seem to understand this. Talking about entrance exams, these are much different than Board exams. In Board exams, at least you know the course curriculum and you have access to the books that form the basis of the exam. But in entrances, the course curriculum is vast and the competition is cut-throat. You study to outperform your counterpart but there still remains this ‘someone better’!

Rhiju Talukdar
St Columba’s School

Sleeping is among the many important concerns I've had related to college, apart from the crowds, nearby shops...

Our last two years in school teach us a number of things outside the sphere of academia. These are the things which backbone our personality till the grave.

One of these teachings is ‘there is nothing more important than sleep’ and we learn this the hard way, irrespective of whether we’re book-eating nerds or the just-getting-by-having-fun crowd. Sleep becomes dearer to us than the idea of receiving formal education itself.

I’ve found myself in a semi-serious mood, thinking to myself 'Will I get to sleep this much in college? Will I have to go back to squeezing in just six hours of sleep? It’s 12.30 pm. Should I get out of bed?’ And honestly, I’m a little scared to have these questions (except the third one) answered right now. We shall cross the bridge when we come to it.

Sleeping is among the many important concerns I've had related to college, apart from the crowds, nearby shops, and canteen prices, to name a few. In the long run, it is these little nuances that will make our time really worthwhile in college. And yes, it’s probably a little too farsighted of me to be talking about all this but who among us doesn’t actually ponder over these things?

Now, I’ve got some time to kill till the first list is out and I can’t say I’ve got a lot of fun activities planned. But yes, I'll do anything to keep myself distracted which isn’t too difficult, thankfully.

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