Aamir Khan on a repeat mode?
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Aamir Khan on a repeat mode?

Aamir launched Amol Gupte with Taare Zameen Par and we all know what happened there. Now, he’s launching another director, Anusha Rizvi, who is anchoring The Falling, which is about a journalist’s fight for farmer’s rights.

entertainment Updated: Mar 20, 2009 20:53 IST
Hindustan Times

Cut, cut, cut
Heylo bumchums..I’m feeling too tired to even lift a finger today. Blame it on the changing weather these days.. it’s too hot and sometimes too cool for comfort. My Snehlatha Banu has left me feeling bereft once again.. she’s gone off to Hyderabad with her classy henna-dyed hair and embroidered lehengas which can put any designer to shame.. just to be with her beau. O ho! And poor moi has to lend an ear to all kinds of dukhidastaans in showtown. Here’s the newest one doing the rounds.

It looks like Aamir Khan loves history. He either creates one or repeats one. Right now, he’s apparently in the repeat mode. He launched Amol Gupte with Taare Zameen Par and we all know what happened there. Now, he’s launching another director, Anusha Rizvi, who is anchoring The Falling, which is about a journalist’s fight for farmer’s rights. Right.

But I’ve heard that Rizvi doesn’t mix with her unit members. So? So, technicians are walking out of the project in herds.

An AD from the set cried and pleaded on my kaaliberry that I let him share his dukhda with me and the rest of the world. And moi being the large-hearted gal, let him do that.

But wait.. I’m going to scream at the person who passes my exclusive numbers to all and sundry.. huh! Because all those who left the movie in herds have been buzzing me at odd hours to tell me how much AKji loves the script and that he might just helm the project himself now. Well, I hope AK ji doesn’t do an Amol Gupte on Ms Rizvi. Tsk tsk.

Prestige ka sawaal hai
A little trade birdie is chirping that it’s no one but Sanjay Leela Bhansali who’s spreading rumours that his next with Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is based on The Prestige.. the movie.. not the pressure cooker sillies.

Birdie insists that Bhansali’s motive behind doing this is to make the world believe that his movie is inspired by the Hollywood flick.. which it isn’t.. not even remotely. I believe you birdie.

I thought the birdie would fly away after I said this.. she didn’t. She further choo choos that, the yet-to-be-titled film is an inspired version of Whose Life Is It Anyway? Huh! That means Duggu Roshan plays a musician who meets with an accident and gets paralysed. And there’ll be courtroom drama with him begging the law to allow him to kill himself. And Mrs Bachchan will play his doctor.

Hmm.. all that’s fine as long as the movie is not in some shade of blue.. green.. yellow.. or pink. I’ll need an urgent eye-check up if that’s done to me once more. I still haven’t recovered from the ‘blue’ film he made. Ouch!

Such inspired stories..
And when I think of the West.. no, I don’t think of upsetting things like the sunset.. I’m reminded of a certain Mr Wunty Balia or Bunty Walia.. I always make a mistake with this chap’s name. Anyway, thankfully I’ve heard from Madhu my Mottu Maid that he’s not directing or for that matter copy-pasting a foreign movie.

But I’m dreading the fact that he plans to back the remake of History of Violence being directed by Yusuf Khan.. popularly called as Munna. Why do I have to hear about these random guys.. Madhu? She tell me that if all goes well, Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt could be part of this project? Hmm!

Park kiya jaaye
Oi.. now my kaaliberry is buzzing again. No, no.. no one for Aamir Khan. It’s a text message from an unknown private number is telling me about the 1970s hottie Zeenat Aman. Aww.. my granny loved her because granny was young and gorgeous too.

Buzz is that on Tuesday evening, Lady Aman had a quarrel with the traffic policeman near J W Marriott where she wanted to park her car. The cop refused to allow her to do so and she got down for some heavy duty tu tu main main. After a while, Zeenat aunty gave up and parked her car elsewhere. Poor lady.

Dost gosht
Ooo. I’m soooo missing my Banu right now. She must be making biryani and patthar gosht for her beau. Sluuurp! I’ve always been in love with the Hyderabadi food actually. That’s how Banu and I became friends. Meanwhile, Nagesh Kukunoor, the director who made two blues with Hyderabad.. I mean two parts of Hyderabad Blues.. seems to have become a jigri dost of Baba Azmi and his wife Tanvi.

He treated the couple to a finger-licking Hyderabadi platter at Hyderabad Blues (what a coincidence) located at a hairpin bend in Oshiwara.. not in Hyderabad thankfully. Nagesh didn’t want to look like a kabab mein haddi kind with Baba and Baba’s biwi. So he took along his partner (professionally and not personally, sillies) Elahe Hiptoolah for company. Hmm.. now what to do.. such is life dearies.

First Published: Mar 20, 2009 18:58 IST