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'Begger' Rakhi on a proposal spree!

Rakhi Sawant got dressed up as a beggar for her TV programme Pehchan Kaun.. for which she dons disguises.

entertainment Updated: Jan 19, 2009 20:11 IST
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Dulha mil gaya?

Howdy my jelly beans. What gives? All’s well with the world and all that even though I heard that there were crazy goings-yawn at an award function on Wednesday evening.. with stars and all calling one another names.. going shut up.. blah blah.

Ashutosh Gowariker was the very pompous sort, the buzz goes. But ask me if I care.. I don’t wanna know more.. Ashu Uncle doth think he’s K Asif or something. Eeeww.

Both Madhu my Mottu Maid and Vaziran bua were there and have come back looking thoroughly exhausted. They’ve hired masseurs for recovery.

Anyway, when they’re back in action (not the masseurs sillies), I’ve told them to get Sushmita Sen on the line for me, because she has been missing from the scene for eons. She was supposed to attend the aforementioned award function but didn’t show up.

Last seen, heard and shivered about, Sushi was in Bangkok with boyfriend-director Mudassar Aziz.

They brought in New Year there.. and it’s been weeks, but no sign of either of them on apna desi shores yet. Dulha
mil gaya
or what?

Farewell to alms
Oi oi. Now I’m told that Rakhi Sawant got dressed up as a beggar (the roadside variety) for her TV programme Pehchan Kaun.. for which she dons disguises.

Okay, so Rakhi looked quite the part and went around the streets begging. When she didn’t get too many alms, she accosted a couple of young men.. and asked each of them to marry her.

She was so insistent and put up such a Golden Globe-winning performance, that one of the guys SLAPPED her when she wouldn’t stop harassing him.

Finally, the persistent Rakhi quit the scene and the slap-happy man was informed who the beggar was. Even more furious, the man ran after her to slap her some more.

This time, Rakhi had a narrow escape. What what, this Rakhi does! Hope she doesn’t dress up like a high society lady…now that would take her to the Oscars.

B in the bonnet
Oi oi oi oi some more. My adorable Dadoo B does have bees in his bonnet. On his blog,

I have been informed, he has critiqued Slumdog Millionaire for depicting the harsher side of Bombay life.. for portraying India as a Third World country etc etc.

Mmmm, me thinks he’s just bugged by the fact that he’s portrayed rather cheesily (yeah, in the movie, there are digs at him). And that has got his goatee.

A kid drenched in poo asks him for his autograph and he gives it. Heee heee heee.

And hellow, should those living in seeshay ke mahals throw stones? Just look outside your house Dadoo and you might just see beggars, slum folk and dilapidated taxis and rickshaws.

Even the deserted Tulip Star Hotel featured in the movie can be seen without binoculars.. from thy place, o Dadoo. And helllloooo, didn’t he agree to do Shantaram which wasn’t exactly about the fabulously rich and famous? Me kinda fed up of such triple standards.. really. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Jan 16, 2009 14:59 IST