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Blast from the past

During the second half of 2004, there were serious problems brewing between Raj and his then-wife Kavita. And, the couple were headed towards separation. But Raj wanted to patch up with her.

entertainment Updated: Feb 21, 2009 18:27 IST
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Blast from the past

Goooood morning my peachy puddings. I’d have loved to soak in my rose-scented bath for hours.. and hours.. but gotta spring out and break this scoopy-doopy.

So listen.. this is one piece of news that certainly isn’t going to make Shilpa Shetty’s day. Rather, it might make her ask beau Raj Kundra for an extravagant tohfa this Valentine’s Day.. to make up for this blast from his past.

I’m told that during the second half of 2004, there were serious problems brewing between Raj and his then-wife Kavita. And, the couple were headed towards separation. But Raj wanted to patch up with her.

So he made an animation film titled Ek Rishtaa Pyaar Ka. According to my khabru, the movie featured animated versions of Kavita and him crooning songs from apni Hindi movies like Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam. What a dilwala deewana, really!

A couple of years down the line, Shilpa Shetty sashayed in Kundra’s life.. and it was so long, farewell, time to say goodbye to Kavita.

For all you know, after reading this, La Shetty might as well be demanding her own animation flick or a full-on romantic
feature film.

I’m just wondering what song will she pick.. Shut up and bounce or what?

Sign in.. sign out
Aah, things are really getting spicy my dahlings. Looks like Katrina Kaif’s loss is going to be Bipasha Basu’s gain.

A few days ago, I told you about how Kat had turned down Rohit Shetty’s comic caper with Ajay Devgan.. because she wanted to go the serious cinema way.

But now I’m told that she was ready to compromise.. provided the price was right. The nirmatas.. wise guys.. refused to bite and chose to look around.

They found Bips, who after her string of gambhir kirdaars in Sanjay Gupta’s Pankh, Rahul Dholakia’s Lamha and Rituparno Ghosh’s Shobho Charitro Kalponik, is more than ready to go ha ha, ho ho.

Hmm, guess Kat is hoping Bips doesn’t end up having the last laugh. Tsk tsk.

Happy landing?
Ahem! Madhu my Mottu Maid is back in my life.. with a cuppa herbal tea and a dukhi man mera tiddy bitty on Harman Baweja. Mots is shedding tears for the Baweja boy who, she swears, can’t come to terms with the split. What makes it worse is that he has to work in close proximity with his Pranks during the next schedule of What’s Your Raashee?

According to Motti, Harman who was trying hard to salvage some Victory in Dubai, had the option of flying directly to Chicago and join the Raashee team there. But he wanted to spend the time trying to manao PC.. so he returned from the Gulf in the wee hours of Wednesday.. before the sun had risen.. and boarded the flight to the U S, seated besides Ms Chopra.

Now, if I were Priyanka, I would just pull up the blanket and go to sleep for the next 17 hours.. and not even dream about the Baweja boy.

But dard-e-dil Mottu hopes she stays awake and becomes a little naram garam so it’s happy landing for them. Oof, this soppy romantic Mots, I tell you.

Back-up hai na
Oi oi.. I always thought Shahid Kapur has good taste. So it came as a surprise to hear that he went to have a dekko of Victory at Andheri’s Fame multiplex on Monday.

And despite zooming to the multiplex on his vroom vroom bike, he turned up 20 minutes late.. keeping director friend Ahmed Khan and his wife Shaira waiting for a good half an hour. May be he didn’t want to be mobbed.

And you know what? Seconds after Shahi zoomed in, his chauffeur followed, in his.. Shahi’s, not the driver’s sillies.. Mercedes.

Don’t ask me why.. his bike didn’t look like the type that could stall for him to call for back-up.

I know fuel prices have come down.. but this is still two much, no?

Bar bar dekho
Ooof, what do I do with Mottu! She’s back begging me to hear her kissa about cinematographer Kiran Deohans.

On Monday night, at around 10:30 pm, KD braked to a stop outside a dingy joint at Oshiwara.. and after taking a good look around, ducked in.

But guess he didn’t like the place because he walked out seconds later. Did he expect it resemle a Jodhaa Akbar set or what? Khair, to Mots surprise—wonder what she was doing outside a dump in the dark hours?— he looked around again and went back in. This time, he joined his friends and called for his favourite tipple.

His bechara driver waited outside, thinking boss would be out in seconds again. But when he didn’t turn up for a good 30 minutes, the poor chap got in and nodded off. Hmmph!

Next Mottu will be telling me about Dinesh Hingoo, Pramod Mautho and Razzak Khan. Eeesh! But then, such is life dearies.