Ira Khan is very active on Instagram
Ira Khan is very active on Instagram

Ira Khan objects to 'gendered nouns' after a fan calls her Aamir Khan's son

  • Aamir Khan's daughter Ira Khan shared an animated response on Instagram after an Instagram user called her "Aamir Khan ki son" (Aamir Khan's son). She also corrected him while objecting to the use of "gendered nouns".
PUBLISHED ON MAY 18, 2021 07:41 AM IST

Aamir Khan's daughter, Ira Khan, has objected to the use of "gendered nouns" like son and daughter, during a fan interaction on Instagram recently. An internet user called her "Aamir Khan's son" which triggered her to respond.

Ira often interacts with fans on Instagram and has quite a following on the social media platform. She mostly discusses the importance of mental health, and also gives fans a glimpse of her personal life. However, she also gives a piece of her mind whenever someone attacks her online.

On Monday evening, Ira shared her own picture on Instagram Stories and asked her followers, "I am not quite sure what to do with myself. You?" An Instagram user then wrote to her saying, "Aapto Aamir Khan sir ki son ho na (Aren't you Aamir Khan sir's son)?" Ira was quick to respond with, "I am his daughter. But what even are these gendered nouns?"

A screenshot of Ira Khan's Instagram Stories.
A screenshot of Ira Khan's Instagram Stories.

Ira has no intentions to follow her father Aamir and become an actor. She made her directorial debut with a play titled Euripedes’ Medea in 2019. It featured Hazel Keech in the lead role.

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In an earlier interview, Ira told Hindustan Times that she has no inclination towards acting. “I’ve always felt more comfortable and enthusiastic about working off-stage or behind the camera rather than [being] in front of it. I’ve never felt the inclination to act except if it were in an action film, so I get to learn all the cool stunts. Then again... I can just learn how to do the stunts without a film to work on,” she said.

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