Neena Gupta recently launched her autobiography, Sach Kahoon Toh: Meri Aatmkatha.
Neena Gupta recently launched her autobiography, Sach Kahoon Toh: Meri Aatmkatha.

Neena Gupta tells all about failed first marriage that lasted less than a year: 'I became too ambitious'

  • Neena Gupta opened up about her first marriage in her autobiography, Sach Kahun Toh, which was launched by actor Kareena Kapoor Khan on Monday.
PUBLISHED ON JUN 16, 2021 07:05 AM IST

Neena Gupta in her autobiography, Sach Kahun Toh, has revealed that she briefly married at a young age. She separated from her first husband within a year.

Neena Gupta has made several revelations in her autobiography, one of which was about marrying a young man named Amlan Kusum Ghose. The actor revealed that he was a student at IIT while Neena was pursuing her masters in Sanskrit.

As reported by Zoom, Neena opened up about the relationship and said, "Amlan and I would meet in secret on campus, his hostel or near my house. His parents lived in another city but his grandfather lived in my lane so he would spend festivals and holidays in WEA." The couple's relationship became public after Neena's friend blabbered about it in front of her parents. However, that did not come in the way of Neena and Amlan's relationship. Eventually, to get permission to visit Srinagar with Amlan, Neena actually got married to him.

But the couple realised they were not meant for each other. "Amlan viewed things differently. Given the times and our upbringing, I think he had always assumed that I would eventually settle down and focus on our family. But I had become a bit too ambitious and didn’t see myself ever being a regular housewife. I wanted more from life, and the more theatre I did, the clearer my path became," she said.

"During the short time, Amlan and I were married, we never quarrelled much. Not about our daily lives, the way our house was run or about my studies and career. We were both very, very young when we dove into marriage, but to this day, I don’t have a harsh thing to say about him," she added. They eventually separated within a year.

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Neena has been married to Vivek Mehra for nearly 13 years now. Neena also has a daughter Masaba, with former West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards.

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