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'Deepika, Farhan’s chemistry is bad gossip and good acting'

Krathik Calling Karthik director, Vijay Lalwani reacts on the rumours doing rounds about Deepika Padukone and Farhan Akhtar and says it is their talent as actors that brings about the chemistry onscreen.

entertainment Updated: Feb 23, 2010 15:33 IST

How closely do you resemble Karthik?
Well, I’m something of an introvert too, shy with few friends and a habit of fidgeting with the Rubik’s cube when I’m wrestling with thoughts. And once, when I was going through a difficult phase in my life and career, I’d wish that someone would call me every day and tell me what to do.

It would certainly have made life easier. That was the idea that sparked off this script that I started working on three months later. It has a lot of my personal quirks and traits but also a generous dose of imaginative fiction.

Farhan insists he’s nothing like Karthik. How did you think of casting him?
I thought that after playing a rock star in Rock On!! and a superstar in Luck By Chance, it would be interesting for him to play an average Joe. Farhan is a confident and outgoing guy while Karthik is a loser. But I thought given that he’s an intelligent actor, he could bring a certain intensity and depth to the role. And he has.

There are moments of intense upheavals and emotional breakdowns in the film and I have seen Farhan strip himself naked in front of the camera. So far, you have seen him in ensemble cast films.

This is his first solo starrer with an author-backed role and he’s going to prove to the world what a brilliant actor he is. He will be this year’s biggest surprise.

Was it an advantage having an actor who was not just your co-producer, but also a director in his own right?
Definitely. Being a director, he understood the language of cinema and we were on the same page on the sets. And as a producer, he understood when it was necessary for him to give a few extra hours, so we could wrap a shoot on a particular set within a certain time frame.

But doesn’t it worry you that Karthik Calling Karthik could be perceived as a Farhan Akhtar directed film? Few know for instance that the recently-released Ishqiya was directed by Abhishek Chaubey and not Vishal Bharadwaj.
There is a difference there. Abhishek has been Vishal’s assistant for the last 10 years and their working styles are very similar.

I have never interacted with Farhan before we collaborated on Ishqiya. In fact, I have not trained under any director.

Also, the story, screenplay and dialogue of Ishqiya were penned by Vishal. In this case, it’s my idea and execution.

Deepika and Farhan’s sizzling chemistry that was evident even in the promos is said to extend beyond the screen. Comment.
Deepika and Farhan are hardworking professionals and were nothing more than actor colleagues on the sets. I should know given that I was always around them. All this talk is bad gossip and good acting.