Excuse me, sleaze!
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Excuse me, sleaze!

Miss K is what in cinema world they call the ‘starlet’. This is her weekly diary.

entertainment Updated: Feb 20, 2012 14:35 IST
Miss K
Miss K
Hindustan Times

Miss K is what in cinema world they call the ‘starlet’. This is her weekly diary.This week I happened to get a call from a guy making a short film. Apparently the producers of this venture were making 100 shorts, some of which were directed by biggies like Anurag Kashyap and Imtiaz Ali (or so he said). Luckily, I was out of town and couldn’t meet him, so he sent me the synopsis of his film. After reading the first paragraph, I froze!

The script was along the lines of semi-porn film and most of it revolved around a “lady”, who is ignored by her husband. In a “powerful scene” as described by the filmmaker, she apparently starts touching her body parts, fondling her br**sts and goes on further till she can’t stop herself as she’s about to climax. THE END. What?! I screamed! I tried to scroll down further, because I thought there had to be more… Sadly there wasn’t!

Instances like these, when random men call you with scripts, can scare you to the extent of wanting to pack your bags and go back home. But I’ve come too far ahead in this field, to be put off by them. Though sometimes I wish, I had a manager to attend to enquiries and sieve the idiots from those who mean business. I have two pending movie auditions, five pending payments and four DVDs with my ads and shows that I need to collect this week. It’s not easy to be your own secretary-cum-courier boy-cum-agent, but a starlet’s gotta do what a starlet’s gotta do!

The dream cream
So what’s the big deal about moisturiser? I’ve never been too much of a cream-person, but everyone from my grandma to my parlour ladies to my dermatologist insists that I use a moisturiser.

Well okay, I decided to get myself a good face cream. The choice was mind boggling with a 100 brands, each having a wide range and tall claims: day treatment/night treatment/ vitamin-something/SPF something/whitening/tightening/ anti-spot/age-defence/ zit-zapping blah, blah, blah with prices that range from few hundreds to anywhere between Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000! After smelling and smearing a dozen creams, I finally made my choice.

I resisted my urge to splurge and instead, bought a water-based moisturiser that felt great on my skin and suited my skin type. There’s only so much a cream can do...It can keep your skin supple, soft and moisturised but cannot make you flawless. My philosophy is that it’s more about what you eat than what you apply. So on a rather uncanny conclusion, I’d like to end by saying: make the right choice... Whether it’s your dream or your cream!

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First Published: Feb 20, 2012 12:30 IST