Genelia talks about her most devoted fans
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Genelia talks about her most devoted fans

Being in the world of cinema for a while now, I've come to realise and acknowledge the importance of fans. They can make or break an actor! That's what actress Genelia D'souza writes.

entertainment Updated: Sep 16, 2010 03:40 IST
Genelia D'souza
Genelia D'souza
Hindustan Times

Being in the world of cinema for a while now, I've come to realise and acknowledge the importance of fans. They can make or break an actor! Who would you make movies for if nobody goes to watch them? Fans have this special intellect that allows them to connect with us actors on a very phenomenal level. The huge crowd outside the homes of stars such as Amitabhji, Salman and Shah Rukh are testimony to this craze called fandom. People have their walls plastered with posters of their favorite stars, scramble to get one autograph and one picture with their actor idols, build temples in their name and travel hundreds of kilometres for that one glimpse.

I did this as well. Even now, whenever I get the opportunity to meet some of my favorite actors I’m still in awe and as starstruck as the rest of the world. Something that makes me walk on air is that over the years, I have made fans who have touched my heart and who love me with an affection that I find extremely endearing. My fans make me believe in my work, their thoughtful words (even if they are critical) just make me want to go on and on, in a quest to please even more.

The first fan I ever met was a 7-year old girl. She walked up to me with a huge grin on her face and nervously told me that her room was full of my posters. She wanted me to sign the picture for her. Believe me when I say, my excitement was way more than hers when I held that pen to sign my name.

Today, technology has made connecting with fans so much easier. I’m a self-confessed Twitter addict simply because it is such an amazing platform to discover, learn, take pitfalls as well as accolades from my fans. And trust me, every fan has something important to say.

GeneliaProbably two of my most devoted fans till date are Ajit Jagtap and the rest of the gang. He is the man behind my fan-Twitter GeneliaOnline. GeneliaFans on Twitter managed by Jawardhan Shah is also fantastic!

It's mind-boggling how clued in they are with whatever's happening with me. May it be an event I'm attending or this column that I write every week, they are hands on with every update. They are not just a constant encouragement, they are also very informative. At times I'm very humbled by their evocations and I'm almost speechless at their dedication.

Swapnika Singh is another very adorable fan who has this beautiful talent — she draws charcoal pictures of her favorite stars and I'm lucky that I'm one of them. She has sent me two very stunning drawings and I'm awed at the sheer skill that this girl possesses. It's quite something to realise that you influence people enough that they incorporate you into art. After all Mona Lisa is legendary because it was Leonardo da Vinci who painted her. Hats off to you Swapnika, you have a god-given gift. I hope you draw more such beautiful pictures of me and your other favorites.

One Thursday and one column is not enough to express the pleasure I feel when I connect with my fans. Every one of you is special! I'm honoured that you think I'm worthy of your affection. Thank you and I love you all!

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First Published: Sep 15, 2010 16:21 IST