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Gossip corner: Himesh goes under knife

According to sources, Himesh bhai has got a lip job done.. for a lip-lock sequence in Kajra re.

entertainment Updated: Dec 03, 2008 16:25 IST
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My fair lady

Morning my pineapple carpaccios! The sun is streaming in.. Laraboo is curled up at my feet. All’s well with my world. And then it’s ring, ring. And the news isn’t good.Akshay Kumar

Even before the first shot has been canned, Akshay Kumar and director Priyadarshan are at loggershead over some flick called Dhan Dhana Dhan. Don’t tell me it’s a prequel to Goal? Shudder shudder!

Apparently, Akki wants to romance Deepika Padukone.. on screen, I mean. He’s even discussed it with Deepi and she’s responded with an equally enthusiastic haan haan. So what’s the problem? Priyan sir is, I’m told.

Deepi was supposed to make her debut in his movie Pirate so many moons ago. But while Pirate was lost in the sea of aborted projects, Deepi went on to croon Om Shanti Om under Farah Khan’s nirdeshan. And Priyan is still sulking.

He wants another fair lady. But Akki wants Deepi only. And he’s calling the shots since he is co-producing the film with Venus. Abhi yeh haal hai, to dekhte hain aage aage hota hai kya.

Home alone

Achha listen.. Uncle Govinda has shifted home. The apartment at Jal Darshan wasn’t bringing him luck so he’s moved Govindainto the bungalow across the road.. all alone. Yes, his biwi Sunita and bachchas Yashvarshan and Narmada still continue to stay in the old ghar and Go Go uncle connects with them over the phone.

Tring.. he called to instruct his family to get pest control done so all the bugs would be gone.. and not miss a single nook and corner.

That done, he told them to perform pujas to ward off the evil eye. Till he’s assured by his guruji that the going will be smoother he has no intentions of returning home. He’d rather stay akele akele. Ooof!

Hide and seek

Oi oi.. the phone is ringing again. Turns out it is cuddly vuddly and abundantly perfumed photographer Yogen ShahPrachi Desai calling to ask me what’s with Prachi Desai.

She was at Fame Adlabs on Wednesday night for a dekko of Dostana with mentor and saheli Ekta Kapoor.

But the minute she spotted Yogi armed with his camera, she broke into cold sweat. Promptly covering her face, she started walking fast towards the auditorium, pronto.

Ektaji however remained as cool as kulfi when Yogi went lickety- click-click. Wonder what was Bani bahenji was trying to hide? Hmmm, must tell my research assistant Dimwit Mirza to check this one out. Or shouldn’t I even bother?

Kissa kiss ka

Aha, yeh hui na baat. My kabootar from Cape Town has just flown in with some garma garam khabar. Apparently, Himesh Reshammiyacomposer-singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya went under the surgeon’s knife recently.

According to my pigeon call, Himesh bhai has got a lip job done.. for a lip-lock sequence in Kajra re, with new girl Mona Lisa. Now, don’t jump out off your seats yet sweeties, she is in no way related to Leonardo Da Vinci’s muse. Don’t know if Himesh bhai believes otherwise.

Anyway, initially, Himi wasn’t willing to go the Emraan Hashmi way. But after some coaxing and convincing, he gave in. But before he would pucker up, he instead on getting himself some red-hot lips.

Now I am a bit doutbful about this. If Himesh bhai ever wanted to go under the surgeon’s knife, he would have got a liposuction done to lose unwanted kilos. But he opted the hard way and worked out diligently at the gym to shed his excess baggage. So why would he get a lip job done? What say Himesh bhai?

Price less

Here comes Madhu my Mottu Maid.. and before I can shoo her away, she’s shooting off about Rajpal Yadav and his Rajpal Yadavunreasonable ways.

Mottu’s taking my reference to chhota types literally.

Apparently, some nirmatas have asked Rajpalji to cut his fee keeping in mind the recession. But he’s stuck on the Rs 1 crore record.

According to Mots, he told them that he was already taking less than he deserves. Now isn’t that priceless? But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Nov 21, 2008 12:46 IST