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Gossip corner: No Kats, no cry

Now this is very tough to belive..but Katrina Kaif wasn’t present at Salman Khan's birthday bash.

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No Kats, no cry

Hi da hi, how’re all thee tangerines of mine, gotta tell you this for sure. Research assistant Dimwit Mirza has got herself a new job, she’ll be selling achaar in a provision store from now on, unless she’s sacked from there for sneaking smokes when her employer isn’t looking.

Pity the poor man because wherever she goes, she carries a jinx. Eeeee, but it’s the season to be jolly.. and I’ll be that for sure now that Dimsy is out of my hair. Some more eeeeee.

Okay, so the news of the day is that Salman Khan celebrated his 43rd birthday at his Panvel farmhouse. Wonder who baked the cake actually. It couldn’t possibly be Katrina Kaif because she wasn’t even at the salgirah.

Now, now, don’t add two and two and get 22. It’s just that Kats injured herself (nooo, she didn’t stumble from a horse) during one of her shoots and she didn’t want to be seen, with bruise marks, at the khushi ka din. Really, how considerate is that.

Hello, hello.. shot is ready
Just a few days’ judaai, and they get pangs of separation.. and are on cell phones which have started resembling ear rings. Ya, so Abhishek Bachchan is still shooting for Raavan in Kerala and Aishwarya is in Chennai to shoot for Robot.

Bachchan Jr hangs up only when he’s called for a shot, otherwise it’s talk-talk-talk. No one’s minding though, not even Mani Ratnam saar who otherwise can be pretty Fuhrer-like on the sets. Aah well, even big name directors mellow with time and age, don’t they?

Oh, those suite dreams
Madhu my Mottu Maid brings the news that Nisha Kothari, now called by her birth name Priyanka Kothari, is pretty khullam khulla back in her relationship.. with who else?.. but apna Ram Gopal Varma, who believe it nor not, still gets finance to make his brain bangers.

The man, who doesn’t believe in celebrations, finally hosted one, it seems, in a Colombo Hotel (do hope, he picked up the tab). The party of sorts in a hotel suite was for Christmas.

But after less than an hour of mingle-pringle, RGV and Nisha left the room. To go out and get fresh air, of course. What did you think, naughty naughties? Oof, I tell you.

Daddy-o director
Oho, E Niwas is someone whom only Vaziran bua has had the displeasure of meeting. Every time before a movie is about to release (not that there are too many), he woos her by calling up and saying that they’re very good friends over so many years. She squawks at that, and wonders who E is.

Anyway, bua’s life is much too complicated. Right now, she’s actually quite hip-hop happy for him because the director has just become a dad. His wife Priyanka and he have become parents of a baby girl. Lovely.

Bua also notifies that E will not be making a movie with R Madhavan and Bhumika Chawla any more.. instead, he’ll be making a comedy. Waah, ha ha already.

Such positive vibes
Aur kya? Mottu just hopped over to Dubai to get me my favourite bathing salts. While there, she graced one of those TV awards show, and reports that she sensed wonderful vibes between Purbi Joshi and Kushal Punjabi.

Kushal had eyes only for Purbi and was sticking to her like glue.. and it seems mom Sarita Joshi thinks he’s an okay guy.
Hmmm, must tell my TV correspondentni Gautami to get an update.. for those who’re interested, that is. But then, such is life dearies.