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Gossip corner: Sallu keeping tab on Kat

Sallu’s obsession for Kat has increased so much that he has resorted to keeping tab on ladylove Katrina Kaif.

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Love is.. keeping tabs

Hey ho my marzipans, kya baat hai! My gal pals were asking why I don’t keep a watchful eye on my beau Vyjjy, like they do for their boyfriends. I told them that although I’m the possessive types, I do give him a little space, and let him be. After all, I’m no Salman Khan nor do I ever want to be like him. That’s the good part of the story.

Okay, it’s common knowledge that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif talk to each other on their mobiles a couple of dozen times a day. But now that things are not all that lovey-dovey between the two, I’m told he hasn’t been able to cope with badhti dooriyaan.

According to my birdy from Bandra, Sallu’s obsession for Kat has only increased with each passing day, ever since she told him that she needed to rethink their relationship, to understand where they’re headed in future.

So? So, Sallu has now resorted to keeping tabs on Kat, all the time. Not only does he ask her what she’s doing, where she’s going, when and how and what not.. but it seems he doesn’t believe her when she answers his inquisitive inquiries.

Kyun? Kyunki Sallu, says my tweety, calls up his contacts in the unit with which Kat is shooting and even her staff, on the pretext of not being able to get through to her.. to ensure that his girl (so what if it’s a highly debatable question now) is not lying to him.

Really now! There seems to be no end to the drama this love story is getting towards. Hai na?

His new direction
Oi oi.. seems Mottu has lost it. Stupid woman says she wants to direct a movie and also that Yash Raj Films will back her debut. I’m certain she’s not even slightly loyal to the omelettes and samosas dished out at the Chopras’ studio canteen to make such tall claims. So what makes her so sure that Aditya Chopra would agree?

Why not, she counters, adding that Adi bhai is producing Parmeet Sethi’s debut as a director. That’s why he has been refusing meaty roles in big banner projects left right and centre. Mots also reasons that if Parmeet paaji can turn director, so can she. And she will give important roles to Parmeet and Archana Puran Singh.

And if that’s not enough, she will also ensure that Archana’s vanity van will be well-stocked with khaana-peena, and also Parmeet’s, since the biwi ends up eating more than her pati. Really now.. Mottu, go take a walk to the Yash Raj canteen.

Pehchaan kaun?
What is this zaalim zamana my sweetums? It’s not exactly a good thing to go unrecognised at one’s own event. Ask director Abhishek Kapoor, who was stopped at the entrance of Hard Rock Café on Wednesday night.

Reason: the security guards told him to go through the checking process, in lieu of the prevailing cautious circumstances. Then Gattu, as he’s called, asked the chowkidaars if they knew who he was. When confronted with a negative reply, Kapoor told them that he’s the director of Rock On!! with which the event was associated.

The security guys apologised, but asserted that he would still have to go through the security check. Bechara Gattu had no choice but to cooperate. After all, such is life dearies.

Driving Ms Mysterious
Aha, I must send the biggest and the best bouquet to my sweety boo Ranbir Kapoor. He has just got himself a brand new gaadi.. a Land Rover, in sparkling white.. which he had decorated with the customary garlands. My parinda spotted him adeptly steering the wheel along Bandra’s Carter Road, on Wednesday evening.

And no, he wasn’t alone. Ranbir was accompanied by a girl, I’m told.. though my informer couldn’t really figure out who she was. But yes, he tells me that she was enjoying herself as Ranbir drove to and fro along the stretch a few times. Like a Secret Service Agent, I grilled my khabru if it was Deepika Padukone, but he swears she really couldn’t figure out who the gal beside Ranbir was.

Hmm, I must get him the best night-vision binoculars, so the next time he spots anyone, he doesn’t miss any vital details. What say Ranbir?

Just chilling
I was just wondering where my sakhi Urmila Matondkar has disappeared.. can’t blame her.. after a disaster like EMI, anyone would. And Madhu my Mottu Maid saunters in claiming to share a tiddy-bitty about her.

As usual, Mottu was on a dinner date with one of her stud kinds at Zenzi in Bandra the other night, when the oomphy Urmi walked in, with a few friends. Mots says she couldn’t recognise any of her friends since they weren’t the regular page three types.

Silly woman doesn’t know that my Urms doesn’t hang around with the typical page three, four, five whatever types. Anyway, point is that Ms Matondkar was just chilling with her dosts and sahelis, having a good time without any care for the sho sha.

So? So just that I love Urms for being herself and shooting the breeze with her pals.. unlike some really fake stars (self-proclaimed) like Dia Mirza and Dino Morea. Just the mention of them makes my blood boil. Ahem, never mind.