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Gossip corner:Soha dating Kunal Khemmu?

Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemmu were spotted entering together at Marriott Hotel in Mumbai.

entertainment Updated: Dec 08, 2008 12:58 IST
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Zamana kya kahega?

Hello hello, my Monday nutmegs, how goes it for you? I’ve just asked Vaziran bua, Madhu my Mottu Maid and Soha Ali KhanDimwit Mirza my research assistant to take a long walk and never come back. I mean how silly can they be.

They had all ganged up to tell me that Soha Ali Khan was the sweetest soul who walked this earth. Brighter than a light bulb and more well-spoken than Mahesh Bhatt (some 201 years ago).

Yeah, bua had met Soha on an airflight and had grilled her about Kunal Khemmu. To that Soha had immediately reacted, "Aaaare you maaad?", making bua turn as ashen-face as her Nizam-e-hookah.

Yeah but contrary to her claims, Soha is pretty hooked up with Kunal Khemmu it seems. My trainee Reporter Rajni was hanging around the Marriott Hotel, sipping a coffee, when she sighted Soha and Kunal entering together. On seeing the place swarming with journo and film types, they turned as pale as diet custard. Did they expect the hotel to be as deserted as the Sahara (not to be confused with the Hotel) or what?

Anyway, then Soha and Kunal separated swiftly. Kunal went over to the book area and looked very seriously at books (some he read upside down). Soha went off into another direction. Rapchik Rajni kept watching. The chhupa chhupi pair then reunited and left the hotel as soon as their feet and chauffeurs could carry them (apology, I’m not sure if Khemmu has one).

Oh oh, what is this? Soha always denies her just-friends, doesn’t she? Ask Abhay Deol. He was so shaken, it seems, that he resolved to stick to arty movies. And see what happened.Hospital chalo

Oi. And I’m told that Dia Mirza (not related to my research staffer) has been seen going in and out of Lilavati Hospital Dia Mirzaever so often. For what? To meet her doctor, of course.

I do know Diaji is a huge fake but that hasn’t been certified as an illness yet. So, am indeed worried.. why a doctor now? Or could she just be visiting someone there? Can’t be because Dadoo B isn’t there and is in fact, quite hale, hearty and blogging (eeeeeeeeee). So whom is Aunty Dia visiting there? Ask me if I care actually.

Hic hic hurray

The incorrigible Mottu has just poked her head into my bedroom. I’m ignoring her but she’s forcing me to lip-read.. and I think she’s saying that there is this singer from London called Hard Kaur who’s a barrel of fun.Hard Kaur

Who isn’t? I don’t want to know any more but Mottu is still making me lip-read that this Lady Kaur was sizzled out of her gills at the Dragon Fly recently. She fell four times over on the floor and had to be almost carried out of the club. Talli ho or what?

On hot wheels

Aha. I always knew that there was something quite daravana about Ranvir Shorey.

Seems he has now developed a fetish for mobikes. Isn’t this the done thing among the show biz hombres. Ranvir Shorey

It is, it is. So apna Ranvir bhai has been speeding all over the countryside and traffic junctions on his Yamaha 100 CC. Snag is that a huge crowd collects immediately at the red lights.. and it’s not to ask the actor for an autograph but to go wah-wah-wah over the bike. Ooof, sad no?

lifetime aisa vaisa

And look if I were Eesha Khoppikar.. or is it Ishoo Kopkar?.. Kapkar Oisha?.. I’m so groggy today really.. I’d be pretty upset with Sooraj Barjatya too. Eesha Koppikhar

Oisha has given the performance of her lifetime in Ek Vivaah.. Aisa Bhi.. but it was released at just a few cinema halls.. and that too the sort not many are flocking to nowadays.

Sonnu Soode is upset too, my informants claim. Everyone’s upset.. most of all my tummy’s upset on hearing all this. But then such is life dearies.

First Published: Nov 17, 2008 12:36 IST