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Gossip corner:Who's Salman Khan, wondered cabby

Salman Khan was apparently disappointed when a cabby from Dubai refused to recognise him.

entertainment Updated: Nov 10, 2008 17:10 IST your daily dose of gossips with Honey. She writes on the glamour world and the spicy scandals of Bollywood celebs

Main hoon kaun?

My dear dear bon bons, we’re back from a day trip. Madhu my Mottu Maid, Vaziran Bua aka Umrao Hookah salluJaanam, cat Laraboo, our research assitant Dimwit Mirza and moi are back to tell you all and so much more. The Eiffel was just spectacular. And the Versailles Palace superb, and the Louvre full of the most wonderful paintings by the master artists of the world. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

But huh, we were so heartbroken, Vaziran wept into her Mughlai dupatta (she cries very easily.. like she did on seeing Drona the Statue), Mottu fell to the floor, Laraboo wanted to have a cheese crepe and Dimwit rushed to the toilet like she always does when she wants to light up a cigarette. She saw Fashion methinks.

Anyway, I maintained my dignity (like I always do). I just turned stone cold when I was told by the Louvre officials that no, they would not exhibit any paintings by Salman Khan. They hadn’t even heard of him, and were horrified to learn that the actor often throws off his shirt in his movies. No, they don’t want his art.. not yet.

Meanwhile, I’m told another story in the same genre. Seems apna Sallu was in Dubai lately and caught a taxi from the Grand Hyatt to get to the Royal Mirage Hotel. Now, his taxi driver turned out to be from Pakistan.

Sallu asked him if he knew about Salman Khan. The cabby said ummm, name sounds kinda familiar, and fell into deep silence. A sozzled Sallu then sulked in his seat. And got off at his destination.. without giving him a tip.

Really now, Salman expects too much. How could the cabby recognise him? He was wearing a shirt. I mean Salman, not the cabby silly billies.

Hottie couture

Immediately, on reaching our private jet airport, I zipped straight to Farah Khan’s spectacular show which featured Mariahotties in lingerie galore. Now, now, I don’t consider them competition at all. But the minute I gave a frosty look to Muzammil Ibrahim, he began flirting with the foreign ramp models. Problem: they didn’t even give him the time of day. Neither did Mottu. All sensible gals.

At the same show, Maria Goretti looked like a zillion bucks. She’s in terrific shape and is thankfully getting back to work. Even I would if I had to deal with an Arshad Warsi who thinks he has become hotter in the market than Akshay Kumar. But er.. chances are that Warsi actually has. Whaaatever. No talking, please

Yeh lo. Vaziran is going nuts after giving up her hookah. She’s lying faint on her brass bed and muttering something Suniel Shettyabout one Anant Mahadevan who is directing a movie for one Sunil Shetty. Should be the other way around actually but I’ll let that pass.

Seems they’re not on talking terms. If Shetty has something to convey to Anant on the studio sets, it’s through an intermediary.

At this rate, Shetty isn’t likely to win a Mr Congeniality contest, is he?Vaziran is muttering. I think she needs a doctor. Imagine being worried about Mr Shetty. Duniya mein aur gham bhi hai…vallah! Reduced rates

With the financial meltdown, unearthly prices charged by digdarshaks are tumbling down, goes the news. Chitter chatter Himesh Reshammiyais that Anees Bazmee who was asking for Rs 20 crore for a movie has now been told to take a drastic fee cut by his producer Bhushan Kumar.

Such news is quite welcome but what if Bhushan Kumar asks protégé Himesh Reshammiya to reduce his fee, too? I must ask Bhushy about Himsy.. or do you think I’m being too nosey? But then such is life dearies.