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KJ on his sexuality

He is a victim of his sexuality. Karan Johar reacts to the rumours.
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UPDATED ON JUL 29, 2006 04:27 PM IST

She claims to be the perfect blend of modernity and tradition. She wants to look hot but will not expose. She likes her uncanny resemblance to Rani Mukherjee but feels uneasy. Actress Rimi Sen's shades of gray come to surface in an interview with HTTabloid.

Among all your films, you have only exposed in Dhoom. It seems that you don't belong to the skin-baring brigade who take exposure as a stepping-stone to success in the film industry. Do you agree?
Whatever little bit exposure I have done in Dhoom was only because of Yash Raj Films, otherwise I don't believe in flaunting skin. Whatever I did in Dhoom, I felt very uncomfortable doing it and after that I decided that I would never expose in films. I think I look beautiful in clothes.

Don't you think that the more you expose, the more you symbolize modernity in you?
I am a modern girl but I carry traditional values with me. I can't leave them just in the name of being modern.

But aren't you taking a lot of care of your looks and fitness just to look glamorous in the film industry?
When you are in Bollywood, you can't avoid how you look. I have realized that here looks are given more importance that the gray matter. That's why I am very careful about my appearance. I take a proper diet and do regular exercises.

People say that you resemble Rani Mukherjee. Do you like a comparison to be drawn?
It's true that people give me this compliment often but I think Rani Mukherjee is so big that I will feel uneasy to be compared to her.

Most of your films are comical. Aren't you afraid of getting typecast?
Yes, that's true. I don't want people to think about me as only a comedy girl. I can do variety of roles. In fact, I am bored of doing comedy. Now, I want to do some serious stuff.

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