Lindsay's jail term slashed to 14 days

Lindsay Lohan who was supposed to serve a 90-day jail term for drunken driving will now spend just 14 days in prison! The Hollywood actress will be released from jail on August 2.

entertainment Updated: Jul 21, 2010 19:18 IST

Lindsay Lohan began her 90-day jail term but the troubled Hollywood starlet's sentence was quickly slashed to 14 days, police said.

An "extremely cooperative" Lohan was booked into Lynwood correctional facility shortly after 10:00 am (local time) Tuesday, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore told reporters.

But no sooner had she donned jail garb and been put behind bars in a nine-square-meter cell than Whitmore said the actress's sentence would be reduced to just 14 days, with her release set for August 2.

Lohan, 24, was whisked without comment into a Beverly Hills courtroom, where she was put in handcuffs and transported to Lynwood to begin her sentence for violating parole after a 2007 drunk driving conviction.

TV helicopters chased the police car taking the actress and model, who was dressed in jeans and a black leather jacket, before she finally disappeared through the gates of the correctional facility at Lynwood, in the southern outskirts of Los Angeles.

Media scrums and supporters were also at the court where Lohan appeared before Judge Marsha Revel to report for her sentence.

She was accompanied by her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, rather than attorney to the stars Robert Shapiro, as had been expected.

"We love you Lindsay!" her father, Michael Lohan, shouted out. One fan bore a T-shirt with Lohan's picture and the inscription "Linnocent." Others threw gold confetti in her path.

Lindsay LohanRevel took little time on the formalities of confirming the 90-day sentence she imposed July 6 for Lohan's parole violation following the 2007 DUI conviction.

Lohan had been convicted of missing seven classes of a mandatory 90-day, in-patient substance abuse program.

While she broke down in tears at that earlier court appearance, Lohan seemed composed and resigned yesterday.

Life in the Century Regional Detention Facility will have none of the luxuries usually available to Lohan, who began as a child actress and was considered a serious star in the making before becoming known chiefly for substance abuse, partying and appearances in the tabloids.

Paris Hilton is among other celebrities who have been incarcerated at the Lynwood prison and experts said wardens would carefully protect Lohan from the kind of violence common behind bars.

First Published: Jul 21, 2010 12:52 IST