BTS: Jungkook goofs around with V and Jin, tries to make sword with balloon but ends up designing a gun from it. Watch

  • BTS: Jin, V and Jungkook goofed around with balloons in a new video. Jungkook designed a gun from a long balloon.
BTS members Jin, V and Jungkook in a new video,
BTS members Jin, V and Jungkook in a new video,
Published on Jan 10, 2022 07:31 AM IST
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BTS members Jin, V and Jungkook featured in a new Bangtan Bomb video as they goofed around with purple balloons on the sets. The video was released on Sunday evening on Bangtan TV's YouTube channel and also starred RM and Jimin.

The video started with Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook comparing the sizes of their balloons. The oldest and the youngest members started teasing each other by holding the balloon near their faces and releasing air from it.

Next, RM was seen sitting with Jin and Jungkook as they still played with balloons. Jin started imitating the sound of air releasing from the balloon making Jungkook laugh.

In the next clip, V joined Jin, RM, Jimin and Jungkook as they sat together. While Jimin was lost in his thoughts, RM was seen checking his phone. V and Jungkook decided to make a bet on who can make a bigger ballon in one breath. Both of them kept telling each other, "You go first. No, you."

Jungkook took the plunge and inflated the balloon with V following suit. Jin took an already inflated balloon and pretended to blow in it and showed it to the others. After they were done, both V and Jungkook compared their balloons, with the latter saying, "Yours is a little bigger."

Jin held his balloon and teased the duo, "Both of yours are so tiny." After that V and Jungkook released air from the balloon near Jin who tried to harmonize with the sound. They continued goofing around with their respective balloons as V suggested, "Want to try harmonizing?"

Jungkook took a long balloon and tried to make something else but it popped. He picked up another one and asked the cameraperson, "How do you make it again?" As he kept twisting the balloon, Jungkook said, "Oh, it was like this." He then took it after making a gun shape, aimed at the camerapeople and said, "Bang, bang, bang."

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Later it was revealed that Jungkook had been trying to make a sword using the long balloon. He said, "How do you make a sword again? I knew how before." The video ended with Jungkook, twisting the balloon but unable to design a sword from it and aimed it at the camerapeople pretending it to be a gun.

The video is from the sets of their music video for Permission to Dance, released last year in July. The music video of the song, released on ARMY Day, incorporated sign language in its hook step.

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