BTS: When frustrated Jimin said his voice was 'failing' him and Jungkook, Suga felt bad

BTS: In an episode of Burn The Stage, a frustrated Jimin felt that his voice was ‘failing’ him. While the singer confessed the pessimistic thoughts were discouraging him, Suga and Jungkook said they felt bad for him. 
BTS members Jimin, Jungkook and Suga from an episode of Burn The Stage. 
BTS members Jimin, Jungkook and Suga from an episode of Burn The Stage. 
Published on Sep 17, 2021 07:37 AM IST
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BTS singer Jimin has constantly worked on improving himself as a singer and as a performer. However, the singer once broke down and felt that his voice was ‘failing’ him. 

In 2017, BTS was in Sao Paolo, Brazil as part of their Wings Tour. While fans present at the concert shared videos and pictures from the venue, the fourth episode of Burn The Stage documentary took fans behind the scenes.

During the rehearsal, the members decided on giving each other feedback. After Jimin was done rehearsing, he returned to the spot where the members were sitting and broke down. While the members found his performance good, Jimin wasn't fully convinced. “My voice is failing me,” he said, while his fellow members tried to cheer him up. 

In an interview following the rehearsal, Jimin said, “I felt so bad, so bad. If I start getting pessimistic, I just can't stop these bad thoughts. I'm losing confidence and I get too worried when I feel down. I get oversensitive about this.” 

Suga admitted he felt bad for Jimin. “I feel bad for Jimin, I always do. When he first joined us, he couldn't sing, so he'd cry after the TV shows. I think it frustrated him,” he said. 

“Jimin worked really hard ever since he was a trainee. The one that worked the hardest among all the trainees. If you listen to him singing now, it changed a lot compared to before. I think he's done a great job. He asks me a lot of questions about the vocal part. But the way he sings is very different from my way of singing. I wish he could take advantage of his voice and singer better with his voice. He feels bad after every performance. He says he doesn't know how to use his vocal cords and I feel bad for him like that. He's not in a situation where he can get vocal lessons,” Jungkook added. 

Jimin has come a long way, from his days of training. Not only has he performed to hit tracks with his fellow BTS members, he also doubled up as the music project manager for their album BE. The self-produced album featured tracks Life Goes On, Fly to My Room, Blue & Grey, Skit, Telpathy, Dis-ease, Stay and their Grammy-nominated song Dynamite. 

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BTS is yet to announce their new album. However, they did confirm that they will be collaborating with Coldplay on a new song titled My Universe. The members recently released a video teasing the new song. The video featured Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin. 


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