Vishal Mishra recently released a new song Teri Hogaiyaan 2 for web series, Broken But Beautiful 3.
Vishal Mishra recently released a new song Teri Hogaiyaan 2 for web series, Broken But Beautiful 3.

Vishal Mishra bats for original music for OTT shows

Singer-composer Vishal Mishra says original songs do work, people who are intelligent would take cognizance of it.
By Juhi Chakraborty
PUBLISHED ON JUN 05, 2021 06:20 PM IST

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on millions of lives including common people as well as celebrities. Finding new ways to stay motivated and sane, singer-composer Vishal Mishra has been using music to keep himself positive.

“Music has been my escape, no matter what’s happening outside. I’ve always been sure that the only place where I find peace is when I play music or listen to it,” says Mishra, who admits to have realised the importance of how music impacts human behaviour, during these times.

“It keeps you away from negativity. It could be for five minutes or for hours, its transitioning and takes you to another place. I’ve been blessed that I could make music that heals me and others, too. My songs come from my heart,” adds the Kaise Hua (Kabir Singh, 2019) hitmaker.

The good thing that happened with Mishra in the past year is that he has continuously made new music. He even had new releases with independent singles as well as projects, the recent being Teri Hogaiyaan 2 from web series, Broken But Beautiful 3.

Talking about how OTT projects are now opting for original songs, he says, “It’s not very different from films — you’re given a story and a script. The process for Teri Hogaiyaan and Kaise Hua was the same.”

However, the singer feels there needs to be more original music content that gets made for the web.

“Of course it depends on the makers and what they want. But I’d like to see more original music for OTT projects. The original songs do work, and intelligent audiences would take cognisance of it. I’m glad people are now making music for everything — for short films, theatrical releases, web shows, indie projects. It’s a beautiful space. The more people opt for original music, the more artistes are going to get opportunities,” he concludes.

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