Professional hazards
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Professional hazards

The problem with being a model/ actor/struggler is that you develop certain quirks that I call professional hazards.

entertainment Updated: Nov 14, 2010 15:09 IST
Miss K
Miss K
Hindustan Times

The problem with being a model/ actor/struggler is that you develop certain quirks that I call professional hazards. For instance: Who’s that girl? No TV-watching-experience is devoid of mentally tagging people. Almost every second person I see on TV, in a movie, on a hoarding, in a print ad or even on a shampoo bottle or masala packet is someone I know!

I know him!
The name-dropping ruins the TV hour for the rest of the members of the family as well. The last time I watched TV, I knew everyone from the host of Emotional Atyaachar (whom I auditioned with this week for an ad) to the newlywed groom from the Bigg Boss house (who once gave me a lift home), to the new girl in Action Replayy, (whom I’d shot an ad with).

I auditioned for it!
Classically called the case of sour grapes, it’s also extremely common to spot stuff I’ve auditioned for. I can’t help but look at the chicks selected with a cynic’s magnifying glass wondering what’s she got that I ain’t! I saw this Scooty print ad that I was a contender for. I didn’t get selected, cause they went with an international model. The ad looks amazing! I wish I was in it! Boo hoo!

Do you have a boyfriend?
I don’t know whether this is a professional hazard or a gender hazard. Not having a boyfriend is an invitation to being hit-on while having a boyfriend invites probing; “Is he a model? or actor?” Honestly, I don’t think I could get together with anyone from the industry. I doubt I could ever date a model/actor (except for Ranbir Kapoor *blush*). A guy obsessing about his dressing or eyebrows would never let me live.

The pressure to look good
Whenever I’ve chosen to step out of the house looking like a slob, I inadvertently bump into someone!! And when that someone is a work-related person, it gets tricky. I couldn’t care less earlier, but now I consciously dress well. Everyone from the liftman to the director I met this week, is judging me by the image I put out there. I’ve accepted that if being a star is on the agenda, looking good is part of my job.

PS: Since you guys agreed that talking about something jinxes it, my lips are sealed till this meeting materialises into something. Another professional hazard - Superstitions!!!

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First Published: Nov 14, 2010 14:59 IST