Salman upset with Being Human fakes

Furious with ‘Being Human’ fakes flooding city’s streets, actor to launch brand in India, is scouting for script for next production.
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Updated on Jun 26, 2011 04:56 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | BySerena Menon, New Delhi
Dressed in a torn tee and red jeans, Salman Khan gets up and agitatedly starts pacing the room as soon as the subject of Being Human crops of. "Are we allowed to hurt someone who makes fakes?" he asks threateningly. "Can we at least slap the guy around because that’s going to happen soon?"

Bollywood’s angry young man is fuming, following recent reports that fake ‘Being Human’ T-shirts were giving the Gucci and Versace rip-offs a run for their money. Jokes about this ‘flattering’ piece of news were made on Twitter, but Salman isn’t amused. "Only Cotton World sells originals," Salman insists. "Please buy from there till October, when we will come up with a line of ‘Being Human’ stores. First we launch in India, then go global."

For the past few months, the actor has been wearing his brand’s tees to events. Now, he plans to alter his style statement and wear only torn tees. Pulling at the collar of the one he’s wearing that’s already in pieces, he says, poker-faced, "People spend so much money on clothes to look good. But in a country, where the salaries are low and families are large, I can carry off the ‘torn’ tee look and repeat my clothes."

Salman recently took a break from the climax shoot of brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri’s Bodyguard in Patiala to promote his first co-production with UTV, Chillar Party. "It’s a super film. I haven’t seen a movie like this in a really long time," he asserts, adding with a smile that he wanted to buy the film from UTV and release it himself. "Once they figured I was interested, they realised the film had potential and refused to sell it to me. On second thought, I should have sent someone else for the transaction."

Meanwhile, Salman Khan Being Human Productions (SKBHP) is on the lookout for a good script. He’s not sure if he’ll act in the film though. “When you watch a SKBHP production, you should walk out wanting to be a better person, not a Chulbul Pandey,” he says. “But if there is a script that suits me, 100 per cent I will do the film. My remuneration will go to charity.”

Considering his presence would probably ensure higher profits that can be channelled to his charity, shouldn’t that be an incentive for him to act in the film? He retorts, “Then the production costs will be higher too.”

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