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Shameer's apprehensions

The rescheduling of the release of Page 3 will affect the movie's music sales feels music director Shameer Tandon.
PTI | By Manisha Deshpande (IANS), Mumbai
UPDATED ON JAN 03, 2005 05:45 PM IST

The rescheduling of the release of Page 3 to January end has upset music director and CEO of Virgin Records, Shameer Tandon, who feels the move will impact the movie's music sales.

"The music sales had just begun to pick up and I was planning to intensify the music promos further. But we were compelled to cut down on the promos with the release date being postponed," Tandon told Bollywood Trade.

"The music promotion is definitely bound to suffer in the process," says a rather disheartened Tandon, who feels it is very difficult to have a planned line of action in the chaotic Hindi film industry.

"Considering the disorganised and unpredictable style of working of a majority of producers, it is difficult to stick to action plans and projected results," he adds.

One will have to wait and watch whether Page 3 does figure among the priority list of the many pending films that Sahara One has lined up for release in 2005. One of them is Tanuja Chandra's Film Star, which is still awaiting release though Chandra has finished completing the shooting of her next film, Hope And A Little Sugar.

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