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Starlet And More

Get back in shape.

entertainment Updated: Jul 25, 2011 14:18 IST
Hindustan Times

It’s been a week now since this weird backache. It’s on the right side of my lower back and it feels like a spasm or a muscle pull. The culprit could be my high heels, my heavy handbag or just over exertion. Like a patient, all I’ve been doing is eating and sleeping.

As far as gymming is concerned, my mind’s saying go, but the body screams no. So, it’s been eight days since I’ve worked out! I can’t do much about it besides crib and cry, though I can watch what I eat and keep track of the calories. Here’s a highly recommended diet for those who want to join me in shedding those excess kilos:

7 am:

Have a fruit/toast within half an hour of waking up

9 am:

A vegetable juice, two boiled eggs, cereal and milk

11 am:

Two cream crackers

1 pm:

Two rotis, dal, vegetable cooked in minimal oil

3 pm:

Small snack (plain khakra or kurmura or two cream crackers or a fruit)

5 pm:

Any snack, choose from above

7 pm:

Snack again

9 pm:

Soup, salad or boiled veggies, fish or chicken cooked in minimal oil, roti

11 pm:

Two cream crackers, for late sleepers


So basically the trick to dieting is eating every two hours! A small snack like crackers, khakra, kurmura or fruit is considered a meal, and a meal every two hours is mandatory to keep the metabolic rate high and guard you against eating heavy and bigger meals. This diet is tried and tested by me and it works like magic!

You can alter it to suit your lifestyle, but as far as possible, eat timely meals and keep the oil minimal. And though it goes without saying, I’ll repeat for the benefit of all: Drink lots and lots of water.

This diet is extremely easy to follow if you are home, but if you are on the go, you might need to make the effort of carrying your packet of cream crackers and apple with you and watching the clock for every odd hour (11/1/3/5). But that’s hardly an effort, if you ask me.

First Published: Jul 25, 2011 12:16 IST