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This dog is a life saviour

A stray dog has drawn a lot of attention after it started assisting the patrolling policemen.
ANI | By HT Correspondent, Chennai
UPDATED ON APR 08, 2008 03:42 PM IST

A stray dog at the Marina beach has drawn a lot of attention here after it started assisting the patrolling policemen and thus sharing their workload to some extent. It has provided help in preventing many people from drowning.

Julie chases or barks at anyone ignoring safety norms and venture into the surfing waves of the sea, particularly during high tide. Everyday it assists the patrolling policemen in ensuring that no one flouts the guidelines on the beach.

And, it particularly keeps a watch on kids trying to enjoy the foamy waves.

Julie has been administered vaccine.

Interestingly, there have been no cases of drowning since Julie started 'patrolling' with the police.

The Police here feel that Julie has been a big help in saving lives.

"Oh! This dog is great. On Marina Beach, it escorts us daily and looks out for the bathers who try pranks by swimming further into the sea. In fact, this dog Julie leads us. At night, it never lets anyone approach the beach, at least within our range," said Shekhar, an inspector with the Anna Square Police Station at Chennai’s Marina Beach.

He recalled how the dog once jumped into the sea and chased those who were attempting to go into shallow waters.

The regulars on the beach say that they have been noticing the dog for the past one month rendering extraordinary humanitarian service to the society.

"For many days, we have been coming to the Marina Beach and we have noticed this dog and it's just a normal dog, a stray dog. But it's been helping people a lot, especially, the ones going further into the sea," said Suzan, a regular visitor on the beach.

"It saves people before they get into any kind of danger, so it's really helpful. It's really doing a good job. It's very interesting to see this dog doing this. It's serving humanity," said Franciba, another local.

Anna Square Police Station intends to train other stray dogs found along the beach to chase drug peddlers and other miscreants who frequent the place.

The police have already found five such dogs and will soon be training them.

Marina beach is known to be the second longest one in the world after Miami in the United States.

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