Shine Shetty
Shine Shetty

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 winner Shine Shetty rooting for Nidhi Subbaiah and Raghu Vine Store

With all the judgment around current contestants, Shine Shetty is wondering what it was like during his time.
UPDATED ON MAR 06, 2021 07:35 PM IST

He charmed his way into living rooms with his appearance on Bigg Boss 7, and earned himself a loyal fan following way before he won the show. Now, with the launch of the eighth season, Shine Shetty is back in limelight. “I am feeling very nostalgic. As a contestant, you don’t know how the audience is when you see the judgment, the expectations, the trolls and memes saying things like, ‘Look at this person without make up’, I’m thinking that this must have happened during my time I saw this meme that ,‘I can wake up only after ten alarms, how do people in Bigg Boss just wake up with one alarm and start dancing? ‘, and I was thinking yes was that possible?” says the actor, who is rooting for Nidhi Subbaiah and Raghu Vine Store this season. “I’ve always been a fan of Nidhi and looks like Raghu has a lot of potential. It’s still too early to judge though.”

Considering that the lockdown happened soon after his victory , could he really enjoy the success? “ I would say anybody who won a reality show around that time couldn’t enjoy the success as they could have in terms of the limelight. But the one-and-a-half months I had before the lockdown was announced were nice. I enjoyed,” says the actor, who expanded his food business after the show. “I had a food truck. I made it even bigger and then started another food truck. That’s going very well,” he shares.

Why did he, an actor, think of starting a food truck, we ask. “See, I come from a lower middle class family. When I decided to quit serials to work in films, it was a risk...anything could have happened. I needed a back up because for one, one-and -a-half years, I was not doing anything. I actually wanted to start a Hotel but didn’t have the budget, so I thought of the food truck. Again, there wasn’t a budget for the truck so I started with an auto, as it was low investment and then after Bigg Boss happened, I made it into a proper food truck,” says the 29-year-old , who became popular with the TV series Meera Madhava (2013) and Star Singer, later breaking into Kannada films with Asthitva (2016).

Coming up, he’s been cast in Rishab Shetty’s film Rudraprayag , a role he can’t talk about just yet, except telling us that it’s prominent. As we talk, he’s heading to Kinnaur for the shoot of a Hindi music video, titled Dhoonde, being sung by Sanjith Hegde. So, does that mean Bollywood is in the pipeline? “The plan is not to be in Bollywood or be centred around any language. I want to explore and have adventures and meet new people. For instance, in Hero (which released on Friday ) I worked in the logistics department of the movie. I’m not starring in the film..I want to be a part of something great in any way.”

Anyone in particular he’s looking forward to working with ? “ Not really..the director decides. I’m just a character in the movie.” He’s quite diplomatic , we point out. “How else do you think I won Bigg Boss?” he laughs.

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