Who got the boot on tonight's Survivor 45? Check episode 11 details here - Hindustan Times

Who got the boot on tonight's Survivor 45? Check episode 11 details here

Dec 07, 2023 04:46 PM IST

Survivor 45 witnesses a nail-biting point as alliances crumble and a shocking idol play alters the game's trajectory.

In the 11th episode of Survivor 45, the game reached a turning point post-Bruce’s departure. The Rebas, having secured a majority in the Final Seven, were now poised to turn on each other as they anticipated the rapidly approaching endgame.

Emily Flippen ousted in a shocking Tribal Council in Survivor 45(CBS)
Emily Flippen ousted in a shocking Tribal Council in Survivor 45(CBS)

This week’s episode was marked by a dramatic Tribal Council, where a single vote determined the fate of a contestant due to a surprise idol play.

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Who left Survivor 45 tonight?

Emily Flippen, who had narrowly escaped being the first one voted out of Survivor 45, found herself at the center of the game’s latest twist. Initially clashing with the Rebas due to her forthright demeanor, Emily was given a second chance and seized it, forming crucial alliances and executing one of the season’s most significant moves by persuading Bruce not to use his idol. However, her growing influence made her a prime target for Dee and Julie.

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In a bid to protect Emily, her allies Austin and Drew devised a strategy to concentrate all votes on Julie. But the plan backfired when Dee tipped off Julie, leading her to play the idol she received from Austin in a previous episode.

As a result, all votes against Julie were nullified, and Emily was sent packing with just one vote against her.

Advantages in play

The game of Survivor is no stranger to twists and advantages, and this episode was no exception. Julie’s timely use of the idol dramatically altered the course of the game, and holding onto advantages until the most opportune moment.

Remaining contestants

With Emily’s departure, the competition intensifies among the remaining contestants:

Austin Li Coon

Dee Valladares

Drew Basile

Jake O’Kane

Julie Alley

Katurah Topps

Each player must now navigate the complexities of alliances and strategies as they inch closer to the coveted title of Sole Survivor. As the endgame looms, the question remains: who will have the resilience and cunning to become the Sole Survivor?

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