Actor Yuvika Chaudhary also issued an apology on Instagram and Twitter.
Actor Yuvika Chaudhary also issued an apology on Instagram and Twitter.

Yuvika Chaudhary on casteist slur stir: I’ve learnt my lesson and apologised, why drag it now?

After facing flak by netizens for using a casteist slur, actor Yuvika Chaudhary says she read about other castes and religions to avoid making a similar mistake in the future.
By Sugandha Rawal
PUBLISHED ON MAY 28, 2021 05:28 PM IST

Yuvika Chaudhary found herself in hot sticky situation after she unintentionally used a casteist slur in her recent Instagram vlog. The actor, however, readily, admitted her fault and apologised through a video post. But, the way her “mistake” was turned into a “mudda” has irked her.

Chaudhary tells us, “I understood my fault, said sorry, and learnt my lesson. But now what? People keep on dragging this rather than talking about other topics. We have so many bigger topics to talk about — from women’s safety to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.”

Especially during these challenging times, as Chaudhary, 37, asserts, “We’re losing our loved ones, and people are talking about, ‘Arrey usne yeh kar dia’. I feel really bad. The response that I’m getting for my mistake is actually sad. With the way the thing is trending, I’m thinking people have so much time to discuss this, leaving the bigger issues aside, despite me saying sorry for it. Agar mudda banana hai toh bade issue ka banao. If I made a mistake, bol do ke aapko knowledge nahi hai ya correct me.”

It all started when a video of her using a casteist slur to describe how bad she looked went viral, with #ArrestYuvikaChoudhary trending on Twitter soon after. This comes days after actor Munmun Dutta found herself in a similar controversy for using an insensitive casteist term.

“I didn’t know the meaning of the word I used. Why would I hurt someone? I got to know about it after people started trolling me. I’m really sorry. I never intended to hurt anyone,” she clarifies.

While she’s being labelled as “ignorant”, the actor asserts she’s not perfect and doesn’t know it all. “I didn’t know that it was an offensive term. I’m not ashamed to admit it, and can say sorry a hundred times for it,” says the actor.

Her husband, actor Prince Narula also issued an apology on her behalf but what has vexed Chaudhary is that some people imply celebrities do such things intentionally.

“I don’t think I’d do this stupidity to be famous. Anjane mein hui mujhse yeh galti, and now I know the meaning of that word. In fact, I read about more castes and religions and found out about other offensive words,” she confesses, adding that for her, humanity comes first, “and not any caste or religion. It makes me sad that even today, people do so much politics on issues like caste and religion and forget humanity.”

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