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Ahsoka Episode 7 breakdown: Ahsoka's riveting pursuit of redemption while Thrawn edges closer to victory

Sep 27, 2023 07:23 PM IST

Star Wars Ahsoka faces new dangers and reunites with old allies in the latest episode, 'Dreams and Madness'. While Thrawn is knitting his evil plot.

Disclaimer: Spoiler Warning!

Once a rebel always a rebel(LucasFilm)
Once a rebel always a rebel(LucasFilm)

Star Wars’ Ahsoka is nearing its end, but the story still has a lot to offer.

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In the seventh episode, titled ‘Dreams and Madness,’ Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson) comes back to the main plot, along with her loyal droid friend Huyang (David Tennant). They travel to a new galaxy with the help of the Purrgils, where they face new dangers and mysteries.

In the first couple of minutes, we saw Ahsoka trains with the holograms of her former master Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen), who left her twenty lessons before he turned to the Dark Side. Ahsoka seems to have trouble letting go of the past.

Just like Master-Apprentice(LucasFilm/Disney+)
Just like Master-Apprentice(LucasFilm/Disney+)

Meanwhile, Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has to deal with the aftermath of her actions. She reports to a group of senators who don’t believe her stories about Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto) and Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen). They think she is making up a fantasy. She is saved by the legendary droid C-3PO (Anthony Daniels), who brings a message from Senator Leia Organa, who supposedly approved Hera’s mission.

However, Chancellor Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) knows that Leia only helped Hera out of a tight spot. Mothma is the only one who takes Thrawn seriously as a threat. The mention of Leia feels like a cheap way to appeal to the fans, but at least Dave Filoni didn’t use CGI to recreate her.

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When Ahsoka and Huyang arrive in the new galaxy after jumping out from the hyperspace with the help of Star-whale, they are greeted by a huge minefield set up by the Empire to stop them.

Ahsoka shows her skills as a natural pilot just like Anakin and dodges the mines in a thrilling scene that reminds me of an old Star Wars video game. Ahsoka’s survival surprises Morgan, who tells Thrawn what she learned about the Jedi.

Thrawn is interested in Ahsoka’s connection to Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi he once worked with in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and one of the few people he knows is Darth Vader. It’s strange that he didn’t know this before, but maybe some viewers didn’t either.

Grand Admiral Thrawn(Lucasfilm)
Grand Admiral Thrawn(Lucasfilm)

Thrawn knows that Ahsoka’s main goal is to find Sabine, and he knows where she is. Baylan (Ray Stevenson) tells Shin (Ivanna Sakhno) to kill Ezra and Sabine, as they have different paths. He says he will leave her, but gives her some advice, “don’t be impatient for victory, or you will lose.” This advice could have been useful for the writers of Ahsoka, who have rushed the story too much.

Ahsoka's epic showdown with Shin and Thrawn in the Episode 7- 'Dreams and Madness'

Ahsoka arrives just in the nick of time, though the situation is dire. Surrounded by Night Troopers and clearly overwhelmed, Ezra proposes a diversionary tactic: engaging in conversation with Shin to distract her long enough for Ahsoka to launch a rescue mission.

Sabine finally meets Ezra(LucasFilm/Disney+)
Sabine finally meets Ezra(LucasFilm/Disney+)

The ensuing battle unfolds in a spectacular display of lightsabers clashing, blasters firing, and Ezra employing the Force to maneuver enemies. As the skirmish rages on, Shin begins to realize that her plans are unraveling, especially when Thrawn orders his troops to retreat, leaving her to salvage her thwarted victory. Ahsoka, before departing, extends an offer of assistance to Shin, providing an alternative path, but it's an offer Shin declines. This moment may foreshadow the character's future, although the outlook appears grim for Force users, both good and bad, in this period of the timeline.

While Morgan Elsbeth regards their defeat as a setback, Thrawn interprets it as a triumph. They may have lost Night Troopers, and Ahsoka may have reunited with Sabine and Ezra, but Ahsoka also lost valuable time. During the skirmish, Thrawn managed to make significant progress in transferring his cargo for his escape from Peridea.

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‘Dreams and Madness’ concludes with an unexpectedly heartwarming scene reminiscent of the Clone Wars and Rebels, as Ezra revels in the realization that he is finally returning home. It's a more fitting reunion than the somewhat awkward one with Sabine and Ezra from the previous week. However, this joy is overshadowed by the looming threat of Thrawn, who poses a genuine danger to the future. Or does he? Ahsoka's Season 1 finale has a substantial amount of groundwork to lay for the unfolding narrative, particularly if it intends to establish Thrawn as a true menace rather than just another power-hungry figure in a galaxy undergoing turbulent times.

Surprising reunion and action-packed chase in 'Ahsoka' Episode 7

Between Episode 6 and Episode 7, Sabine updates Ezra on recent events, excluding how she found him on Peridea. Ahsoka unexpectedly reaches out to Sabine through the Force, surprising her, as she had believed Ahsoka was dead.

The Rebels unites, 3 of them still missing though(LucasFilm/Disney+)
The Rebels unites, 3 of them still missing though(LucasFilm/Disney+)

A chase ensues with scavengers pursuing Sabine, Ezra, and the peaceful Noti creatures. The Noti defend themselves with rocks and debris. Director Geeta Vasant Patel creates an upbeat visual scene. Ahsoka joins the fray, initially facing off against Baylan. The lightsaber battle is somewhat obscured by the overcast skies, and both combatants appear disinterested. Ahsoka creates a diversion to reunite with Sabine and Ezra before it's too late.

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