Raqesh Bapat reveals what felt like a ‘script’ to him on Bigg Boss OTT: ‘I really felt it was not real’

  • Raqesh Bapat, who was one of the finalists of Bigg Boss OTT, revealed what did not feel ‘real’ to him on the show.
Raqesh Bapat made it to the top five contestants on Bigg Boss OTT.
Raqesh Bapat made it to the top five contestants on Bigg Boss OTT.
Published on Sep 24, 2021 08:58 AM IST
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Bigg Boss OTT finalist Raqesh Bapat said that he could not understand the changing equations in the house, and how people were fighting one minute and hugging it out the next. He said that it did not feel ‘real’ to him.

Raqesh was one of the top five contestants on Bigg Boss OTT, along with Divya Agarwal, Nishant Bhat, Shamita Shetty and Pratik Sehajpal. Divya won the show.

In an interview with Peeping Moon, Raqesh talked about being ‘targeted’ by people for not taking a stand and said that he is ‘not a person who would scream and shout and put (his) point across’. “I was trying to suss the situation out, I am a person who cares for people, I don’t like to hurt anyone. It’s very difficult for me to say ‘no’. Even though I would want to say ‘no’, I would want to say it in a certain way. It was difficult for me to handle everybody out there because I really thought the issues that were created in the house were really not real issues. It seemed like a format,” he said.

“We deal with bigger situations in real life and such situations always come with solutions. I realised the pattern - fight, fight, fight and towards the end of the day, you are hugging it out and being friends with each other. I couldn’t understand why people are reacting that way because somewhere, when you fight, you have made enemies for a longer time. It was somewhere like probably a script for me, where people were doing certain things. I didn’t find it pretty real as such. Do you want to win the trophy, that’s why you are fighting? Obviously, it’s a game, you are fighting, I understood that. But certain aspects, I couldn’t wrap my head around. I really felt it was not real. I felt very uncomfortable being in certain situations,” he added.

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Raqesh said that for him, it was difficult to voice his opinion in the ‘chaos’ of the Bigg Boss OTT house, as he is a ‘calm’ person who does not jump to snap judgments. He said that he was always someone who did not ‘scream and shout’ to be heard and did not see a need for him to change that just for the sake of the show.

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