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Benefits of table salt

The new nutrition mantra that is salt. Want to know how? Take up this quiz...

health and fitness Updated: Jul 29, 2010 14:42 IST
Sam McManis
Sam McManis

Salt is evil, right? That’s the new nutrition mantra. But wait: What about people who need iodised salt to prevent iodine deficiency? Take our quiz.

Why does the body need iodine?
a) To stimulate the pituitary glands and enhance growth
b) To produce a thyroid hormone that keeps the gland functioning
c) To raise the heart rate of those with abnormally low blood pressure.

How much iodine does the average person need per day.
a) 150 micrograms
b) 500 micrograms
c) 1 gram (1 million mcg)

According to the journal Science, iodised salt was introduced in the United States in 1924 because of what problem?
a) Goitre
b) Gout
c) Gingivitis

One gram of iodised salt contains 77 micrograms of iodine. Which food contains more than that?
a) Cod (3-ounce serving)
b) Shrimp (3 ounces)
c) Tuna, canned in oil

ANSWERS: 1: b; 2: a; 3:c; 4: a (cod contains 99 mcg)

First Published: Jul 29, 2010 12:40 IST