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Diet to gain weight

Hindustan Times | ByLeena Mogre
Nov 10, 2011 05:42 PM IST

Having an irregular diet? Here are some of the tips that can get you back to the healthy diet.

Having an irregular diet? Here are some of the tips that can get you back to the healthy diet.

I am 18 years old and 5’7" tall. I weigh around 48kg. My habits are irregular, which leads me to suffer from gas problems, sleeping disorders and a lack of concentration on studies. Can you provide a proper diet chart that will help me to remain fit, gain weight and increase my concentration?


Hi Rony, you are definitely underweight, and you need to put at least 15-20kg. Your gas problems are mostly because of your irregular meals, so keep fixed meal timings. Regarding your studies, once your health becomes better, you’ll be able to concentrate on your studies too. Also, start with gym training first so that you can gain muscle faster and not fat. Here is the diet plan for you.

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HT Image
However, you have not mentioned whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, so I’m giving you both options to choose from.

Early Morning (7 am): 1 fruit + 1 glass of skim milk

Breakfast (9.30 am): 1 bowl upma / poha / two slices of brown bread sandwich with paneer / eggs.

Mid morning (12 pm): 1 fruit + fistful peanuts/ 4 almonds + 2 walnuts

Lunch (2.30 pm): 4-5 roti (dry) + 1 bowl green veg + 1 bowl salad + 1 bowl skimmed curd/ butter milk + 100gm skimmed paneer (homemade) / soya paneer / soya chunks / 2 eggs/ 100gm chicken/fish.

Snack (5 pm): Bhel / 2 slices of khakara / 4 wheat toasts / multigrain biscuits + 1 glass sk. milk.

Mid evening( 7 pm): Sprouts / brown bread sandwich with vegetable.

Dinner (9.30 pm): 4-5 roti (dry) + 1 bowl green veg+ 1 bowl salad + 1 bowl skimmed curd/butter milk + 100gm skimmed paneer (homemade) / soya paneer/soya chunks / 2 eggs/100gm chicken/fish.

Also, have 3-4 litres of water a day and keep your oil intake to less than two teaspoons per day. Also have 1tbsp of flaxseed powder after your lunch and dinner.

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