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Food and Behaviour

Children may eat well when with friends, as it is a peer activity or they may enjoy food at a friend?s place.
PTI | By HT Correspondent
PUBLISHED ON JUL 29, 2003 08:49 PM IST

Parenting is a tough job. Even when you are moulding the child, the child must feel he has the power to make choices. This is true with food as well. Though you should not encourage him to demand his favourite foods always, he must feel he is making choices about what he eats and how much. Smaller portions that he can finish without threat or persuasion makes him feel a sense of achievement.

Children may eat well when with friends, as it is a peer activity. They may also eat food they do not eat at home when they are with friends for the same reason. Or because at a friend’s place the same food is cooked or served a little differently.

Helping children make good food choices:

Introduce new foods in small portions along with the familiar.

Offer variety.

Discuss nutrition information with children

Give them healthy alternatives, if they have strong dislike to a particular food.

Allow them to choose food in the supermarkets.

Cut down on fat and increase flavour.

Some children take more interest in food that they help prepare or serve.

Don’t cultivate the taste for canned, sweetened, convenience food or snacks because you may not have time for preparing a proper meal.

Children learn from their environs. It would help if the parents/ family ate healthy meals.

Despite all possible precautions, some children continue to be picky eaters. Parents will have little choice in these cases except to wait out the phase.

Call the doctor

Call on your paediatrician if, along with a poor appetite, you notice that:

Your child is not as active as he used to be. He feels tired easily

Your child is losing weight

Your child falls sick quite often.


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