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Captain America Civil War trailer brings the fight to Spider-Man

Captain America and Iron Man are engaged in a Civil War in this great new trailer of the film. But the real war will be fought on Twitter over Spider-Man’s CGI-enhanced suit.

hollywood Updated: Mar 11, 2016 13:10 IST
Captain America,Civil War,Captain America trailer
Meet Spider-Man, Underoos to friends, in Captain America Civil War trailer.(Marvel)

Captain America: Civil War’s trailer number 2 just landed and we are saying it right out: The trailer is all kinds of awesome. To add a red-and-blue coloured cherry to the action-infused cake, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man shows up. You can also call him Underoos, that’s what his pal Iron-Man calls him and something tells us the name’s going to stick.

As the first trailer -- which was a maze of half hints – established, government’s superhero control treaty called Sokovia Accords sent Captain America and Iron-Man’s precarious friendship over the precipice and they are sworn enemies now. Their enmity has divided Avengers into two camps and a war is imminent.

This trailer is far more fulfilling. It not only gives us the whys clearly, it also shows that both superheroes have compelling reasons for what they are doing it. And it has oodles of superhero action.

Before we discuss it further, here’s the trailer...

The trailer begins with a mash-up of all the devastation Avengers have caused across the world while trying to save it. A lost sounding Cap says, “This job … We try to save as many people as we can. That doesn’t always mean everybody.”

Cap accepts he can’t save everybody but he is hell-bent on saving his friend Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes when he is not brainwashed (Sebastian Stan). Very soon, we see Bucky being attacked by Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) who holds him responsible for the devastation in his country, Wakanda.

Just like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice explained the reasons for superheroes going at each other, the new Captain America Civil war trailer explains the position of Cap and Iron Man.

Bucky also almost shoots Iron-man in the face and may have killed Don Cheadle’s War Machine. If that doesn’t give Iron Man enough reasons to start his war, what will? Also, he is a proponent of keeping enhanced individuals in check. “We need to be put in check. And whatever form that takes, I’m game,” is what he tells Cap. The man in stars and stripes suit has a deep hatred for government control, having seen first hand that the nefarious organisation Hydra can easily find its way into government.

As Hawkeye, Ant-Man and Black Widow and others fight it out in this war, the man of the moment, Spider-Man makes his entry. He announces himself with the underrated, “Hi everyone” and takes Cap’s shield off him. However, it is Spidey’s suit which will start the real war. Depending on how you look at it, it can be called CGI-enhanced mess or a more trad, Silver age-inspired design. We will let Twitter fight over this one. Take a look what others have to say...

First Published: Mar 11, 2016 09:45 IST