Australia asks bank not to outsource jobs to India

The bank in early 2006 moved over 70 jobs from Sydney and Adelaide to Bangalore.

india Updated: Dec 20, 2006 16:10 IST

As a part of its efforts againstoutsourcing jobs overseas, Australian Finance Sector Union (FSU) has now urged St George Bank shareholders to reject sending jobs to India.

FSU National Secretary Paul Schroder said frontline bank staff and union members would ask board members to commit to keeping jobs in Australia.

The bankin early2006moved over 70 jobs from Sydney and Adelaide to Bangalore.

Schroder said the decision, which meant sensitive account information and customer contact details were taken offshore, was undermining St George's reputation, a Herald Sun report said.

"St George cannot continue to satisfy shareholders with the argument that offshoring is necessary to give the bank a competitive advantage when they base their reputation around caring for people," Schroeder said adding "their actions continue to fly in the face of concerns from workers, customers and shareholders."

First Published: Dec 20, 2006 16:10 IST