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Lulu Tobing

Lulu Tobing was a successful television actress before graduating to popular cinema in Indonesia. At Cinefan 2003, she been nominated for Garin Nugroho's Bird Man Tale
PTI | By HT Correspondent
PUBLISHED ON JUL 20, 2003 05:56 PM IST

Lulu Tobing

Lulu Tobing was born in Cilacap on November 21, 1977. She is Bataknese and began her career in TV series Abad 21 in which she played Anita, a girl who was addicted to drugs.

Lulu had to do an observation in a hospital for drugs addiction. "It was not easy. However, it has given me a lesson, a good one about how to act", she explained. "Thanks to many great actors and actresses playing in Abad 21 who have been willing to help me".

Lulu Tobing could be one of the luckiest actresses. She won the 1992 cover girl contest and luck has not seemed to go far away from her. She has recieved many offers and is one of the better known actress in Indonesia. However, she still has her head on her shoulders and remains unchanged despite the sudden fame. "I am like I used to be", she says in an interview. "The fame doesn't change me and I don't think that I should change myself".

Tersanjung  (created for Indonesian television) is another successful TV series and Lulu has to play a young mother here. She has also recieved accolades for her role in Nugroho's Bird Man Tale. A dance instructor and political activist, Bertold, is skirting government thugs. His 15-year old son, Arnold, is obsessed with a woman who will become the catalyst for his coming-of-age. Political events conspire to make their lives more difficult, and Bertold goes into hiding. Set in Papua New Guinea, this film teems with glorious imagery and a celestial score. 

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