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Luv has no faith in police probe

FRESH CONTROVERSY has erupted in the Mehar murder case with the Bhargavas smelling a rat in police investigations and reiterating their demand for a CBI probe.
None | By HT Live Correspondent
PUBLISHED ON MAR 29, 2006 12:48 AM IST

FRESH CONTROVERSY has erupted in the Mehar murder case with the Bhargavas smelling a rat in police investigations and reiterating their demand for a CBI probe.

“They first said the bullet that hit Mehar was of .22 bore. Now, we hear that it is .32. What is happening after all?” asked Luv Bhargava, Mehar’s husband and Congress leader while talking to HT Live on Tuesday.

Luv’s suspicion is not out of place. For the cops are still not sure of the bullet-bore 28 days after Mehar Bhargava was shot at and critically injured at Sapru Marg. SSP Ashutosh Pandey, whose residence is a stone’s throw away from the February 28 incident site on being contacted said ascertaining the bore was difficult since no shell had been recovered from the spot. However, experts believe that even then, senior cops on the basis of their experience could make out the bore from the make and size of lead. And this apparently is not the only thing troubling the Bhargavas. Ever since the SSP tried to link Mehar’s son Shiraz’s relationship with gangster KD Singh, Bhargavas fear that the cops were simply trying to shield the real culprits by diverting attention.

“When we rushed Mehar to the trauma centre of KGMU after the incident the team of surgeons on emergency duty they were of the view that removal of bullet was not important as it was not doing any further damage. Then suddenly after the SSP and others arrived, the views changed and the bullet was removed. Now, how do we know whether the bullet that was removed is the bullet that was fired with the cops not able to even identify the bore,” a family member asked.

Some doctors attending on Mehar at the Apollo Hospital in Delhi where she was rushed the next day reportedly told her family members that the “undue haste” in removing the bullet led to Mehar’s situation deteriorating further.

Inquiries made at KGMU revealed that Dr MSD Jaiswal and Dr HS Pahwa were on emergency duty on the fateful night at the trauma center.

On being contacted Dr Jaiswal said that his name might have been on the duty list, still Mehar’s operation was conducted by a team led by Dr Pahwa. “You may ask Dr Sandeep Tiwari or Dr Pahwa,” he said. And when HT Live asked Dr Pahwa over phone whether bullet removal was a must in Mehar’s case, he was evasive.

“The operation has already started when I joined,” he began. But wasn’t he heading the team of doctors that removed the bullet? “Well…yes…” So, did Mehar’s condition necessitated bullet removal? Again, the doctor was evasive.

“The bullet was on the surface. An MRI had to be done later and for that all metal had to be removed,” the doctor said. But, the Bhargavas are certain that initially the doctor had said that “bullet removal” was not the important in the case. The doctor offered that he would be able to entertain more queries after going through the report. When the correspondent offered to visit him for the report, the doctor sought time till Wednesday on the pretext that he had a meeting.

The doctors may have done the right thing by removing the bullet but given the poor credibility of Lucknow police, people are beginning to doubt the whole exercise and wonder whether it was all done to help “someone.”

Already, the family members are suspicious of the police role ever since they named Sachin Pahadi as the person who pulled the trigger on Mehar. “Mehar told everyone including the police that it was Amit Singh who had shot at her. Still, they are saying that it was Pahadi who shot at her,” said a family member.


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